Water Water Everywhere

It's a little soggy at the Cubicle Asylum this morning. 

The powers that be finally hired someone to fix our saggy old roof that leaks every time it sprinkles. Unfortunately it was probably the cheapest roofing company around, because anyone worth a big steaming snot booger would have thought to cover the roof with plastic after they finished ripping the top two layers off of it.

That night we had the first big, thunderous gullywasher that we've had in months.

PG's office is totalled. His computer, his desk, files.. oh and the carpet? Fugettaboutit. All the offices from the front door back to Lulu's got hit pretty hard. Mine was spared, not a drop of water to be found.

It's a mess ya'll. And it smells nasty.

Meanwhile back at the trailer, the grass is so tall I cringe with every step from the truck to the porch, just knowing a big ol snake is going to wrap around my ankle. I put off on the lawn mower thing in hopes that my Trashy Big-Boobed Cousin with the Lazy Eye would get the lead out of her keister and cut the damn grass. I mean, neither of them have a job, they could use the money and I hate to take that away from them, but our yard has only been mowed TWICE this year. I'm going to have to perform some advanced life support maneuvers on my credit card and see if I can squeeze a lawn mower out of it. 

I can't stand it anymore.

Our little veggie garden is flourishing, from what I can tell. I can't really get to it right now for the grass, but T.A. assures me that it's full of tomatoes and cucumbers. 

I can't wait for that first tomato sandwich, on white bread with salt & pepper and some mayo.


I'd better get back to work. Ya'll hump it hard this Humpday. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!

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