Snowboot vs. Puppy

Okay guys..

The other day someone asked if Ayla had eaten any shoes and I'd totally forgotten her favorite toy, T.A.'s old snow boot. Pupzilla has been carrying it around since the first day. Last night, I got the bright idea to test out my new camera's YouTube settings, resulting in this little gem.

Now, having said that, know that I'm having a mini anxiety attack because you can see how dirty my walls are from all the years of smoking (I quit a couple of years ago, tyvm) and if you look really close you'll notice I have Ziggy sheets on my bed.... not to mention what I've allowed the dog to do to my bed.

It was made when she started. I swear.

Also? Yes, that's my voice. See? I'm learning to let go of my inhibitions a little.

Sort of.

I'm going to go take a pill. Ya'll have a good one.

Later Taters!