Yes I'm Whining, Deal With It

It's hotter than a three dollar ho on Saturday night up in Frog Pond Holler today. I'm rockin' a pink camo bandaide on my gimp toe, my head is throbbing and I'm out of coffee until payday.

Sounds like Monday, huh?

Sometime Saturday I scraped that little bit of toenail that remains on my gimp toe against a blanket and bent it in all kindsa unnatural ways, causing me to utter very unladylike words at great volume.

That's a special kinda pain, ya'll. The kind that makes you re-examine the life you've lived and question what you could have possibly done in your past to deserve such torture.

It still hurts like hell.

Also? For those of you keeping score, Pupzilla ate the foam filter out of my vacuum cleaner. I had to take it out to clean it and had left it on the counter to dry. We suspect Miss Kittypuss knocked it in the floor and Ayla got it from her. She shredded it.

The list grows every day. In addition to the filter, she's chewed:

  • a pair of nice squishy earbuds
  • a Nikon camera
  • countless plastic bottles
  • my cellphone
  • a cedar chest
  • t.v. remote
There may be more.. I can't remember. I finally replaced the camera with an inexpensive little Casio that actually does more and takes better quality pictures than the Nikon. I can still use my cellphone, after I put it back together, but I don't think I'll chance it lasting out another two years. I'll have to get a new one when my contract comes up. The chest can be fixed, it's mostly just scratched and chewed a little. The earbuds were totaled. I can still use the remote, but there's a big button missing from it.

Oh she's got chew toys, cow bones, Kong toys, effin' logs from the wood pile that she drags around the house, she's just really hyper and it's been too hot to have her out much.

Black Husky fur in 90° heat makes for an unhappy pooch.

We have come to an agreement about the refusing to go outside though. She now understands that if she goes outside to do her business, she can come right back in where it's cool. The only time she has to stay outside is when I'm at work.

Occasionally The Amazon will take pity on her and let her in when she gets home.


It was a weekend of unpleasantness in the old trailer. In the middle of the day, when the sun seems to be parking itself right outside my window, our two little air conditioners can only do so much and it's still kinda sticky in the house. Plus, some of the people who live in my house, I'm not mentioning any names, were experiencing high levels of grump-ass and taking it out on everyone else.

So yeah, I'm almost kinda sorta glad it's Monday.

I'd better get back to work. The men folk are throwing their weight around this morning and I have to be ready to defend myself at a moments notice.

I love my job.

Ya'll have a kick ass Monday and we'll talk again soon, k?

Later Taters!!


kenju said...

Hang in there, Mahala.

SierraBella said...

What? The puppy hasn't eaten any shoes?