Comfy Couch Taters

It took galavanting all over Greenville, Tennessee Saturday, possibly permanently disfiguring my throbbity gimp toe, getting lost and witnessing a burning bush of biblical proportions down at the Micky D's...

But I bought a couch. AND a love seat. With dual recliners.. in both.

We'll be some laid back couch taters down at the trailer.

I think I got a deal, but who really knows. They're delivering them tomorrow, so I'm going to have to take off half a day today to get the old stuff out of the house and straight to the dump, clean the carpets and give the four legged occupants a stern talking to about wiping their feet and depositing drool on the new upholstery. Yes I know it's futile, but they like to let me pretend I'm in control once in a while.


If I'm going to leave at noon, I need to get my big bootay in gear and get some work done.

Work?.. me?.. I know, crazy right?

Ya'll have an awesometastic Monday. We'll talk again soon, when I can stop to come up for air.

Later Taters!!