Pupzilla Pics, Unleashing the Beast and The Brat

I've been trying to post a picture of Pupzilla for a couple of days now, but I've had one problem after the other. First, I got some really good shots, then while attempting to delete one, accidentally deleted the whole folder.

Next, after I successfully took a few more, Ayla ate the usb cord for my camera before I got them uploaded. Luckily, my netbook has a card reader, so I wasn't too worried about it. When I tried to pull the pictures from my card, I got all kindsa error messages. I'm not sure what the deal was there, but after I spent all evening trying, I gave up and asked T.A. to load them on her laptop and email them to me.

Now? When I put the card back in my camera, it gives me another error saying the card can't be read.

Oh and then this morning I got up and found that Ayla had stolen my camera case from my computer desk and eaten it. The indestructible Samsonite case. I don't think my little Nikon was damaged, I didn't have time to really check before I came to work.

Also? Sometime last night she got a bottle of Apple Blossom body spray off my very tall dresser and chewed through the bottle, until she got a taste of what was inside. She woke me as she bounced around on my head in the midst of a hissy fit.

Now my room smells like the Apple Blossom Queen after she won a farting contest.


The picture above shows Ayla (aka Pupzilla) at 5 1/2 months. My bed, by the way, was nicely made before she got up there. Seconds after the above shot was taken, she had one of her psycho digging fits and pulled everything off, rolling it up into a ball and laying on top.

The gnarled plastic carnage by her paws is what's left of a water bottle, one of her favorite toys.

Fun times.

~ ♥ ~

After the Leprechaun fixed our sewer problems, I did something I've never done. I loaded my washer to the rim with dirty towels, set the load size to "super" and unleashed the beast. As you may recall, I fought with a broken washer for a couple of years (it ran, the agitator hickey was just broken.) I tried in vain to repair it myself, using every super adhesive I could find at the hardware store, scoured the internet for a replacement hickey and finally gave up and bought a new washer back in the fall.

Then, the sewer line started sending a shitstorm in to Ma's shower whenever I ran the washer. Needless to say, it's not gotten much use since then. We've been using the small load setting and washing only what we absolutely had to, resulting in ginormous piles of towels, sheets and some other unmentionables accumulating in corners all over the house.

There was an aroma ya'll. And it was far from spring time fresh.

In the past couple of days, the washer has gotten a workout and my house. Now? The scent of fabric softener lingers constantly in the air. As an added bonus, I got home yesterday to discover that T.A. had scrubbed the shower and the potty palace.. AND ran the dishwasher.

I'm in heaven ya'll. It doesn't take much to tickle the bejeezus out of me.

~ ♥ ~

I reckon I'd better get back to it. That man in the back office has been especially stabbity the past couple of days. Every time he slams a filing cabinet drawer I jump. He's only going to have to do it maybe once or twice more before I go back there and shove his glistening bald dome in one of those drawers and show him how it's done.

He's such a flippen brat.

So ya'll have a good one. It's Humpday ya'll. Hump it 'til it's spring time fresh. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


Anonymous said...

Yay for working plumbing and fabric softener. So glad that problem got fixed. Now maybe if you got your boss fixed....

tiff said...

Hooray for things working!!!!!

And that is one cute doggie you got there.

b.fez said...

Ayla is one gorgeous pup!

BetteJo said...

That cute puppy looks like she's going to be a BIG DOG!