Leprechauns, Sunflowers and The Sweet Smell of Flushing

Oh Good Gawd. I don't even know where to start.

The guy T.A. hired to work on the sewer line finally showed up late Saturday evening to say he'd be back Sunday morning to start digging. This was after I got up way too early for a weekend, got dressed and waited for him all day.

But at least he showed up.

The fact that he looked like the scary leprechaun from the horror movie series didn't help matters or that he liked running around without a shirt so that you could see all the sweat dripping off the curly, red, shag carpet-like hair that covered his body.

I will give him credit. He worked at a frenzied pace, tossing dirt like crazy and by Sunday afternoon, he had the sewer line completely uncovered. And guess what?

Our line was completely clear, until it tied into the town's archaic sewage lines. Golly Gee Willackers Batman! Who'd a thunk it?

So he left it uncovered, then just happened to be driving by this morning as a whole crew of bubbas from the town maintenance department showed up to inspect the line. I reckon Ma called down there and had a hissy fit on them first thing. To make a very long story a little shorter, it will be completely fixed by the time I get home at lunch. It was the town's issue all along. I'm pretty sure they won't be reimbursing us, however, for all the unnecessary repairs we've paid for in the past year.

That's just how they roll.

I don't care. I'm just over freaking joyed that I can finally wash up all the laundry that's been piling up all over the house. And that the toilet will flush on a regular basis.. and may actually stay clean for more than 3 hours after we scrub the bejeezus out of it. And? The house won't smell like a campground outhouse all the time.

~ ♥ ~

Here at The Asylum, He Who Would Die of Shock if He Smiled Bossman left around 9ish, stating he didn't know what was wrong, he just felt bad and hurt all over. Coolness. I am unsupervised. I did take the necessary germ protection precautions and hose his office down with the pseudo Lysol.

You never know.

~ ♥ ~

The garden still hasn't been tilled, but I did plant some sunflowers outside my bedroom window. I'm seriously considering sticking some tomato plants in the flower bed and maybe an herb garden in one of those old tractor tires out by the road. I won't be doing anything like that in the very near future though. Aunt Moses went to the coast with my trashy big boobed cousin with the lazy eye's youngin's class last week and skipped mowing our yard.

It's butthole deep to a black bear out there. I'm not walking through that.

After she mows, I might ask the leprechaun if he's got a tiller. If he tills as fast as he digs, his $11 an hour will only ending up costing me about $20.

~ ♥ ~

My Monday got off to a rough start with no coffee, I forgot my glasses and the roof decided to leak in my cubie. I thought I was going to have to finish the day with an umbrella over my desk, but it's looking up. T.A. brought me my glasses, it stopped raining and I was able to find a hot cuppa joe in town on the way to work.

And the sewage line is fixed.


I hope all ya'll are having a great one. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!

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Inanna said...

OMG! Your sewer line is fixed!!!! Mahala, what will you do???

tiff said...


Mahala said...

I know right? I'll probably be catching laundry up for a week. We've been having to use the "small load" setting and only washing one load a day. It turns out, the problem all along was from when the put the sidewalks in, the weight of the concrete broke the ceramic pipe over time.. on the town's side.. and the pieces had fallen down and blocked our line.

I may just stand in the bathroom and flush the toilet repeatedly for a couple of hours, with a freaky look of joy on my face.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun! Flush away. You earned it.

corrin said...

It's like Murphy's Law. Whenever you get up and get ready for someone to stop by, they never do. But at least you look good. :-)

BetteJo said...

And now that the town has fixed THEIR ISSUE - at least you can threaten them with the health department if it happens again! Happy days!