Getting In the Spirit

Have mercy. I've been trying to write this all freakin' day, but I've been up to my butt in orders at the Asylum and the phone.. I'll have nightmares about a giant ringing phone chasing me over the mountain tonight, I just know it.

It's good to be busy and that satisfaction I felt when I could tell Bossman I booked over 38K yesterday was great. He was off today, but greeting him at the door with today's 64K total when he comes in tomorrow morning... will be priceless.

Hmm.. that sounds a little like I need his approval to feel good about myself. I hope not.

Speaking of feeling good, yesterday was noggin doc day. As she scheduled my next appointment, she suggested I cut back to every four weeks. It's a good sign. I might find all my marbles after all.

Here in the holler, the sad little Christmas decorations are up, making me thankful to be on medication. If you have any tendency towards holiday depression, those lopsided, silver tinseled monstrosities flopping against the telephone poles in the wind will send you running to the river bridge to toss yourself over the edge.

The painted plywood manger scene is a real crowd pleaser too.

Sorry, I'm just not all about the quaint, small town Christmas. Give me traffic, flashing lights, obnoxious caroles being blasted through mall speakers and hopeful little snotty nosed kidlets sneezing, coughing and crying as they wait for hours to see the jolly old elf himself, who, in reality, may or may not be wanted in six states for writing bad checks and selling imitation designer bags at the flea market.

The Amazon tries though, bless her heart. She insisted that we put the tree up. I think I paid $2.50 for it after Christmas at the dollar store last year. We have a big one, but it won't fit anywhere. She decorated the mantle with lights and garland, it looked really nice.

It almost put me in the Christmas spirit, but then.. Sammy left a big steaming pile of um... biologically processed dog food.. right in the middle of the hearth.

Today I came home to find she'd put lights up outside, around the porch, which really frame and bring out the beauty of the old washing machine that's still sitting out there.

That's right. It's still there.

When I mentioned how lovely the lights looked reflecting off it's pretty white finish, she got a scary look in her eye, then threatened to open the lid and hang a wreath.

"Oh hell, why don't you just go ahead and wrap a bunch of lights around the washing machine?"

The Amazon hiked her blue jeans up a little, sucking her teeth and cocking her head a little to the side as she said, "Wa-ell.. ya see.. we don't want to seem prideful in front of the neighbors."

And that.. is how I know they handed me the right kid at the hospital.

Ya'll have a good one. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


Teressa Flye said...

LMAO!! Can I borrow TA for a while? We'd get along great, (even though I am most definitely *not* into X-mes) and since my own kid ain't speakin' to me, I could use a Rent-a-Kid! She could teeach me Russian, and I could show her what little Dutch I still remember from years ago.

Congrats on the shift to every 4 weeks at the doc's; sounds like progress indeed!

Inanna said...

You remind me of me! Rock on TA! And congrats on the noggin doc thing. I think mine is going to up my frequency.

Aarin said...

yup, thats my jess jess