Puppies, Kettles and My Ding-A-Ling

If you come by the trailer in the next few days, chances are you'll hear the sound of the new washer running. We've been washing everything, there were piles of stuff stuck everywhere that was too big for the old  washer or that we knew wouldn't come clean.

It's sorta sad honestly. It reminds me of that old Ma and Pa Kettle movie where they get moved from their hillbilly home into a new fangled, high fallootin' house when Pa writes a winning tobacco jingle for a contest.

We shouldn't be this excited with a new washing machine.

Ma had a doctor's appointment in Big City yesterday. She told me was going to go have blood drawn from her neck to have something or another checked to explain why she falls then can't get up. It didn't sound right to me, then she came home yesterday without any new holes.

She doesn't allow me to take her, she will only let Aunt Moses take her to the doctor.

After giving her a Perry Mason-esque interrogation some gentle prodding I discovered she'd only been consulted and poked around on by a few different vascular specialists. I'm not sure how much Medicaide is being charged for all of this, but she falls because she's laid in the bed for so long that her legs have no muscle tone, then she can't get up because her ankles and knees are bad.. because she has arthritis and she's laid in the bed for so long that.. SHE HAS NO MUSCLE TONE.

Sorry. I get annoyed.


I came |this close| to getting a Great Pyrenese from the local shelter recently. He'd been adopted out, then returned because he was too hyper around the new lambs. By the time I called, he's already been reserved for a GP rescue organization. I told the Amazon that I wasn't going to be satisfied until I had a big'un to run around the backyard to keep the critters run off, the hikers at bay and make me feel more secure. There are so many animals being taken to shelters who have been surrendered because their families have lost their jobs or had to relocate and just couldn't take care of them anymore and it breaks my heart.

I'm back to working full time, we're getting busier every day. I'm even pulling some overtime this week. I can feed one more. Oh and now that Sammy's on the 'roids, he needs someone to wrestle besides me and Yoda. I'm getting too old to lay in the floor for him to pounce and quite frankly, Yoda is getting sick of it. So I check the local shelter website often, looking for the next big, slobbertastic furbaby who needs a home.

I'll let ya'll know when that happens.

The Amazon has built her savings back up and has spotted a truck she wants to go check out. She starts her part time professional Ding-a-Ling job for the Salvation Army this weekend. The girl is going to be rolling in money. 

Dare I utter the words?

*knocks on wood*

Things are looking up around the holler.

I'd better get my butt in gear now, Monday and Bossman's return are drawing near. Ya'll have a good one.. oh and? If you're on Google Wave, you can find me at hiddenmahala@googlewave.com.

Ya'll take care, we'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!!