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Data for as of 10/1/2009 is now offering advertising space for businesses.

If your product has a southern theme, is manufactured in the south or is directed at residents of rural communities and small towns, then is the perfect site to advertise your company. Stories on our site are written by a city girl living among her hillbilly kinfolk in a tiny town nestled in a quiet, Smoky Mountain holler, with commentary on current events and personal adventures, adding a touch of humor along the way.

Do you have toys, children's clothing or products aimed at teens and young adults? At your ads will reach parents with large families and single moms and dads. Grandparents and retirees enjoy our site as well, making advertising with us a smart choice if your product or service would benefit older adults. reaches homes across the U.S., with higher concentrations in the north and southeast, across Canada and gaining readership on other continents, with fans in the U.K and Western Europe. For just $35 USD per month, your 125px x 125px advertisement will be placed at the top of the right sidebar, guaranteed to be seen by all our visitors. This price is for a limited time and will increase as our fan base increases. You may reserve your spot for up to 6 months in advance, locking in this introductory price and avoiding any price increases during that time.

Payments will be made through Paypal, your ad will expire 30 days from the date following the date payment is verified through Paypal. No refunds, all sales are final. If the internet suddenly goes kittywampus and the site is unavailable for a period of time, adjustments will be made on an individual basis, at my discretion.

Ads must be 125px x 125px and will include a link to your website or business listing.

More space will be added in the future, positioning of the advertisements will be on a first come, first serve basis. boasts a growing list of readers via feed services. In the future we'll be offering advertising space on individual posts, reaching those who access our stories on RSS and Atom.

For more information or to place your advertisement today, send an email to

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