Next Time, Talk Me Out of it, Okay?

Alrighty ya'll. I've done just about all the web techy damage I can do for one weekend. I'm cross eyed, I've got a few more bald spots and I've considered taking up smoking again at least twice.

If installing that new graphics card goes as smoothly as this did, I'll be checking myself into a real asylum by Wednesday.

I promise a real post tomorrow. Right now, I have to pee, my left leg is asleep and I feel a sneeze coming on.

This won't end well.

We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


BetteJo said...

Oh my God woman! You said you'd be messing with it but I wasn't expecting an overhaul! It all looks great except for the header being off to the side. I've designed a few sites of my own, I know the nightmares! You're doing a great job! Now go pee!

(and I've been pronouncing Mahala wrong all this time??)

Travel said...

Wow! I like!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I manage to post my text and think I have done well. This is spectacular. Great job.

b.fez said...

it's beautiful! if i had my own business, i'd definitely advertise...