Miss Kittypuss

I finally figured out why I couldn't upload pictures from my camera. It really helps if the business end of the USB cable is actually attached, in some way, to the computer.

Oh,  I'm handy alright.

Anywho..  most of ya'll probably remember the tiny little waif of a kitteh that wondered into the parking lot up at the Asylum, having at least traveled through the woods to get there, if not actually spending some time eeking out a meager existance in the wilderness.

Since that picture was taken, back in April she's been spayed, wormed and fed.. gawdalmighty how she's been fed. She's also left her mark on both myself and the Amazon, literally. She goes from curling up in your lap, the perfect snuggle bunny companion to an evil, demon possessed, psycho kitty, lying in wait to rip into your calf, holding on, determined to take you down like an injured wildebeest.

The vet determined that she was born sometime in late January, so she's somewhere between 8-9 months old.


Just look at that belly. And those feet. Notice how her claws are embedded in T.A.'s flesh.

She is not even GROWN.

Pray for us.

Now that I've figured out my camera problems, you can look forward to more pictures. I'm also going to be tinkering with some coding, which usually ends up fine, but not without some major kinks along the way. So if you pop over to find out the latest in Frog Pond Holler and like.. my sidebar is now horizontal or the cow in my header is standing on his head.. do not be alarmed. It's a work in process.

I guess I'd better go tackle all those domestic duties I've neglected this week. I hope ya'll have a great weekend. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


tndaisy1960 said...

She's gorgeous! You and the Amazon have done a great job! It's amazing what a little love and care can do for a critter.

Sara said...

As the fellow owner of a devil cat, I will pray for you and hope you survive.

Aarin said...

good god, what have you been feeding catula? ya'lls blood must contain a weird chemical equal to cat miracle grow

b. fez said...

but she sure is a pretty kitty! and she's found herself a wonderful home.

have a good weekend!

BetteJo said...

One of mine is evil too, just had to spray her with water to stop her from trying to kill the imaginary creature behind the curtains - up near the ceiling! I wish you luck and recommend peroxide for those scratches!