Sybil Moments, Feisty Beagles and Finding My Backbone

It was a bit on the warm side this morning as I made my way in to the Asylum. The Google weather gadget doohicky says it's supposed to be 79°, but all I care about is that the house, the truck and now my office are all artificially cooled and I'm a happy camper.

Last night, during my weekly visit with the noggin' doc, we talked about my internet adventures and while I expected her to suggest that I needed a little more reality in my life, she actually thought I'd found a productive way to cope with my situation.

I felt all smart and stuff.. well.. until I started trying to explain Second Life and having multiple avatars... then I started to feel a little schizo.

Back at the trailer, the precious kitty has an appointment to get spayed on Friday, which is good because if she ever takes a whiz on my leg again, her life could be in serious danger. I love my critters and all.. but I have my limits.

Speaking of critters, Sammy the Boston Baked Beagle, who had been left almost completely hairless by a combination of a skin condition and the aftermath of some traumatic (for us) surgery a couple of years ago... has hair! He's still got a big bald spot where he was shaved and a few spots here the nasty drainage tubes were, but he looks almost like a dog again and not like a newborn mole rat.

And.. he's getting a little feisty. When Ma was in the hospital the first day and the dogs were left completely alone, I returned to the house late that night and was greeted by a ferociously barking Kujo the wonder dog. All 27 of his back hairs were standing straight up until I spoke to him.

It was sorta funny actually.. especially when he realized it was me. He was like, "Oh Hai!"

Ma went back to her doc yesterday, who cleared her to go back on her Celebrex, which is a very good thing because for the few days she wasn't allowed to take it, she barely got out of bed. I feel like we're almost getting back to normal.

As for me.. well.. other than having my nails attacked yesterday by an over zealous nail tech who sawed on my fingers like she was trying to take down a redwood and my having a serious case of the screaming pooties.. I'm just coasting along for now. I'm trying to stay in my happy place as I await Bossman's return on Monday, when I'm planning to have a little discussion with him, whether he wants to or not.

You don't put Baby in a corner and you don't use Mahala as a doormat. His little note when I got back to work after being out with Ma put an end to my easy going, grateful-to-have-a-job attitude.

I'm still grateful, but it's not going to be used to take advantage of me.

So there. He can suck on that.


I'd better get to it. In celebration of Hump Day, let's embrace our inner wild child and hump it like we did back when men wore spandex and no one left home without a heavy coat of AquaNet.

Ya'll have a good one.

Later Taters!


Significant Snail said...

"hump it like we did back when men wore spandex and no one left home without a heavy coat of AquaNet"

You have such a way with words! Glad things are looking up and cooling off! Your boss needs to suck it...sounds like he's insecure.

kenju said...

Your boss is a jerk and I hope you make him see what a chump he is.

poopie said...

i never did get into spandex..

Rachel said...

I have full faith that you will find another job if it ever gets to that. Life's too short to be backed into a corner! Let someone else be grateful for being treated shabbily.

BetteJo said...

Didn't Bossman every take any of those management classes? The ones where they teach about vinegar and honey and all that crap? Sheesh!