Sweet Breezes and Holey Noses

Oh it's a glorious day here at the Cubicle Asylum. Late yesterday morning, the cool breeze of newly installed air conditioning began flowing through the vents. I threatened to dance in the hall and announced an urge to kiss someone.. anyone.

For the first time since spring, I was able to fix my hair and slap on a little war paint before coming to work, instead of showing up like I was fixin' to go work in the garden. I feel almost human.

When I made the annoucement on Plurk, much joy was expressed by my plurkies:

Mahala Sweet Holy Miracles of Unsweaty Boobs Batman!!! The ac...SHE IS ON! *faints*

MissRiss yea!!!!!!!!! say goodbye to swoobies!


Perpelina says it's a miracle!!!

bigdoc says Hallelujah!

liz JUSTliz says WOO HOO!

AZJazzyJ thinks it's a Festivus miracle!


SpaShark says wow a milestone indeed..

In other news.. The Amazon has been entertaining the idea of getting her nose pierced. I kinda want to as well. I might wait until she gets hers done, then wait until my birthday. If I still want to by then.. and her nose hasn't rotted off.. I might just go for it.

Anywho.. that's all I've got for today. I'd better get on the stick, I leave at three today for my weekly noggin doc visit.

Ya'll hang in there. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!!


craftyhala said...

There is nothing better than being free of butt sweat.

babyhellfire said...

"no pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater ...than central air."

I can barely function without ac.

The Gritlet said...

My nose didn't rot off, but it did get some very obvious and gross looking infections. And the whole ripping it out on accident thing wasn't fun.

Just make sure you won't have allergy attacks during the healing process!