Sweet Breezes and Holey Noses

Oh it's a glorious day here at the Cubicle Asylum. Late yesterday morning, the cool breeze of newly installed air conditioning began flowing through the vents. I threatened to dance in the hall and announced an urge to kiss someone.. anyone.

For the first time since spring, I was able to fix my hair and slap on a little war paint before coming to work, instead of showing up like I was fixin' to go work in the garden. I feel almost human.

When I made the annoucement on Plurk, much joy was expressed by my plurkies:

Mahala Sweet Holy Miracles of Unsweaty Boobs Batman!!! The ac...SHE IS ON! *faints*

MissRiss yea!!!!!!!!! say goodbye to swoobies!


Perpelina says it's a miracle!!!

bigdoc says Hallelujah!

liz JUSTliz says WOO HOO!

AZJazzyJ thinks it's a Festivus miracle!


SpaShark says wow a milestone indeed..

In other news.. The Amazon has been entertaining the idea of getting her nose pierced. I kinda want to as well. I might wait until she gets hers done, then wait until my birthday. If I still want to by then.. and her nose hasn't rotted off.. I might just go for it.

Anywho.. that's all I've got for today. I'd better get on the stick, I leave at three today for my weekly noggin doc visit.

Ya'll hang in there. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!!