My Chit List for the Week: The Repairman, The Boss & The Cat

It's a good thing we have that new thermostat installed here at the asylum. Now there's no doubt that it was 86° in the office when we arrived. Another week begins, all the doors open, dollar store fans positioned strategically throughout the hall way and a thick cloud of weld dust drifts in from the opened entrance to the manufacturing floor.


Oh they installed the new ac unit on Friday. Everything was connected and working fine.. for about a half a minute. It was then discovered that the ac unit which was supposed to come from the factory, charged with freon, was damned near empty. The "guy" is supposed to be back this morning to charge it up, but me and the girls have decided it probably was charged at the factory and just leaked all the way to Frog Pond Holler.

Because that's the kind of luck we have.

In other news that gripes my ass before I've even downed a cup of coffee: I came in this morning to find a stack of notes on my desk from Bossman. Apparently he snuck in either early this morning or over the weekend and went through everything on my desk, leaving little obnoxious notes on everything.

He's not supposed to be here. He's not supposed to call, email or otherwise make contact while he is on furlough.

And he's really starting to tick me the hell off.

Meanwhile, back at the trailer...

Ma seems to be feeling better. They took her off her arthritis medication, so she's having pain in her legs and back, but she goes back to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully he'll give her something different.

She's not thrilled with diet Cokes. I bought Coke Zero, Diet Coke and Diet Caffeine Free Coke. I told her to try them all, I'd drink what she didn't want. By the middle of the week she was offering a hundred bucks for a real one.

The precious kitten is in heat again. She squawls and hollers all night, rolling around on the floor and acting like she's dying. I'm usually pretty sympathetic in such matters, but when she rubbed against my leg the other night, then turned and sprayed kitty tinkle all down my leg, onto my foot and in between my toes.. well... let's just say I was a tad bit unhappy.

I hope the Amazon gets her an appointment soon.


I guess I should get to work and tackle this big stack of crap on my desk. Ya'll have a good one.

Later Taters!


Jeni said...

The Mama cat here, Nina -who is actually my son's cat but was here for
"maternity" care when she had a litter of four kittens about 10 weeks ago -is acting sort of like she may be in heat again, already. She is howling like crazy virtually every 10-15 minutes or so it seems. But no posturing, no rubbing against us or rolling on the floor or anything like that. Just hopping up in the big window sills in the living room and yowling -which is driving all of us about nutso-whacky! Time to make arrangements for sure to get her -and Chino -our cat here, both fixed! Of the four kittens, only one left to find a home for her! Please let it be soon too cause she's a screen climber and also, likes to eye up the living room curtains for a potential destruction routine she's brewing!

BetteJo said...

There needs to be something like a rain dance except for AC. Mahala needs some Lord!!!

And oh my gosh - that's how we found out our kitten Jake was a girl, when she went into heat. No mistaking THAT condition!