My Boss, the Genius


As most of you know, I've not taken any actual vacation time in the last two years. With my reduced schedule, I've used a few hours here and there to make up for the cuts, just to be able to make the house payment etc.

But time off? I've not taken any. Bossman, however, has made countless trips to his home state, was out over a week for the death of his mother (we get three days) whom he said he hated anyway and just gets up and leaves whenever he feels a tickle between his ass cheeks.

Last week, I took two and a half days vacation time to go be with my mother in the hospital. TWO AND A HALF DAYS.

After making countless trips back and forth to Big City, nearly having a breakdown in the hospital as I watched them wheel Ma down the hall to have dye shot through her heart, tossing my FMF into overkill by doing the tango with a queen sized box springs and mattress and umpteenjillion loads of laundry, I come dragging ass back into the office this morning (where there still is no a.c.) to find this lovely note on my desk:

"I hope your mother is feeling better. While you were out I spent some time in your office and I'm concerned about your/ours filing system and order maintenance. I had a hard time locating open orders.

We need filing completed.

I know you are the only sales person and your job is far reaching, but we need to get this completed.

Your being out with your mother as shown me that our present system needs to be cleaned up. If you think you need more than 30 hours to complete all of the tasks assigned to you, I'm willing to discuss it.

I will call you Monday morning and talk to you.


Oh golly gee fricken willackers Bossman.. doing the work of three people with less time to do it has put me behind in filing? YA RECKON? Here's a thought... how about you put crap back in the filing cabinet when you get done instead of tossing it on my desk? Or.. how about you learn to run a dang report all by your pitiful self? Maybe.. since you've been here over three years, it's about time you learned our inventory system, instead of making me drop everything to look up parts for you, just because you won't take the time to learn to do it yourself.

I hope to hell he doesn't call me this morning. I may end up fired.


Ma's feeling better at least. She's not running any marathons, but she's acting closer to normal than she has in forever.

I'm gonna go pop a pill now and try to calm my little ass down before Bossman calls... I'd hate to lose my cool and threaten to go upside his bald little head with a tire iron.

Ya'll have a good Monday.

Later Taters.