Please Stand By

I'm currently up to my earlobes in files and in the process of consolidating all the sales.. junk.. into one office because, as Bossman put it earlier:

"There are no more territories. You rule the world."

So please excuse me while I prepare for world domination. I should have things back to normal tomorrow.

Later Taters!


Significant Snail said...

So I know the ruler of the world?! Awesome!

I've been on hold with the sprint store for some time now..can you swing something for me?

Jeni said...

Woo Hoo! World Domination huh? I knew you had the power to go far if given even half a chance!
You rule, girl!

kenju said...

I hope you are on commission, and I hope that it got raised recently!!

Travel said...

You Rule! It was either you or the hamster.