Then There Were Three...

Louise and Bubbles were laid off this week. That leaves Me, Lulu, Thelma and the GM's secretary to do all the office grunge work.

I'm actually sort of relieved.. I knew it was coming but I wasn't 100% sure it was going to be Bubbles and not me. She sobbed and asked everyone to pray for her as she left. I told her I was sorry.. and I meant it.

But now... I'm back to full time hours. A full, 40 hour work week is going to feel like double time after working short hours for so long.. and my next paycheck will be my first full pay since my raise went through back in the fall. It's going to feel like Christmas.

I know ya'll are worried about what the heck I'll write about now that Bubbles is gone... but stay tuned. The four of us will have to lean on each other alot to get things done, but I can tell you this for sure.. Lulu and Thelma? Like throwing a pitbull in the room with a rabid wolverine. Things are going to get interesting.

I feel a little guilty that I'm relieved. I know Bubbles is going to have a hard time, I heard her over there making vacation reservations the other day, but maybe this is just something that she's meant to go through.

I dunno. I'm just thankful... overjoyed even.. that today, right now, I still have a job and while I'm sure those who lost theirs feel pretty down, I've got hope for the first time in a while that I'm going to be okay.

Is that warped or what?

Anywho... Ya'll stay tuned. I'll keep you posted.

Later Taters!