Just Call Me Spot

If it weren't for the fact that I snore like a big ol' bear dog, I could totally clunk my head down on my desk and nap for a good hour or so.

Well.. that and I'm the only peon working here at the Asylum today.. oh yeah and I'd probably get fired.

At least it's Friday. It's been a crazy week around the office this week. I've consolidated all of Bubbles' files with mine, re-organized some stuff, swapped out all the good office supplies she got from batting her eyes at Tiny for the crappy-duct-taped-together ones I had and I'm slowly scraping all the Pebbles and Bam-Bam stickers off the rolling order cart.

It's kinda like I'm symbolically boy-dog peeing on everything in the office, just to let everyone know I'm the Alpha Sales Ninja.. dog.. thingie.

That sounded way wittier in my head.

Anywho.. the holler is finally thawed out and it's supposed to be pleasant and warm this weekend. I'll probably just poke around the house , vacuum some things, wash a dog or two and try to fight the urge to lock Ma in the closet. If I can accomplish those few things, I'll be happy.

Ya'll have a good weekend. I'll be back soon to get us all caught up with the latest and greatest news in Frog Pond Holler.

Later Taters!


Jeni said...

Well, you are the Alpha Ninja now aren't you?
So go ahead and mark your turf. You worked for it, you deserve it!
Way to go.

Significant Snail said...

What was is with today and being tired? I yawned all day...so glad it's friday.

kenju said...

"...I'm symbolically boy-dog peeing on everything...."

That cracks me up!! LOL

Wildhair said...

Have you rifled through the desks or were those cleaned out? Did Bubbles take the dildo phone doo-hicky majig?

have a great weekend. Hooray warmer weather!

Carolyn said...

THanks for making me smile each day. :) Have a lemonade award. - http://carolynslostsanity.blogspot.com/2009/02/lemonade-award.html

BetteJo said...

Peeing in all the corners is totally appropriated and well deserved. Enjoy!

Inanna said...

Dang Mahala, I sure am glad you got to keep your job! Whew! Now, kick some ass and take some names. Thank Gawd the sun came out today, I was beginning to think I lived in the land of the midnight sun.

Inanna said...

That didn't exactly come out right, I meant the Arctic of course, where it stays dark forever and then you have sun forever, but I meant the dark part, not having sunshine at midnight. Glad I could clear that up for ya.