I Want a Pony

I think I'm over my pity party.. for the most part anyway. I think my attempts at being the self appointed ray of sunshine around the Asylum just caught up with me. When you find yourself strolling amongst the fallout, smiling and telling everyone to "let go and let God" and that everything is going to be okay, then those nasty hormones kick in, sometimes you're just forced to say effit and lay down and waller in the muck along with everyone else.

The difference is... after a day or two of doing the dance of gloom and doom, I've decided that enough is enough, time to hike up my drawers and get back to the task at hand.

Moving on...

I've been horse obsessed for the past.. well.. 43 years.. but more so than usual for the past few days. I've been watching a lot of training shows on RFD TV (and bluegrass and Hee-Haw reruns.. no doubt adding to my hormonally charged depressed state) and daydreaming over the big draft horses at PMU Rescue. Over the weekend, I got to thinking about how I'm probably too old to keep thinking that "someday" I'll have a horse or three of my own, that I'm too old to be waiting for "someday."

When I waller in it.. I make sure it's good and deep

Then.. Sunday.. it was like the Universe heard me, because a call came over the scanner for an ambulance to head up on the mountain to pick up a 63 year old who fell off a horse. They said the patient was insistent that they were fine, but the people leading the trail ride wanted her checked out as a precaution

Sixty three.

I've got at least another 20 years I can dream.

If you've never heard of the PMU Rescue Organization and you love critters, you should check them out. PMU horses are obtained from farms where they were used for the production of the female hormone drug Premarin, which is made from the urine of pregnant mares. To produce the urine, mares spend their lives pregnant and having their urine collected in a manner which I'd just rather not go in to. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the result is a bunch of unwanted foals.. and.. well.. ya'll are smart.. I'm sure you know where they end up.

The good news is, demand for Premarin is on the decline, thanks to a new, synthetic version of the drug. The bad news is that alot of the family farms where the horses were used are going out of business. There are mares, the stallions used to produce the babies and lots of young horses looking for homes. Because larger horses produce more urine, most are big boned, draft crosses and for a girl like me, who's always dreamed of riding a ginormous, hairy footed beast bareback through the misty covered, rolling fields of the country side, they're like a dream come true.

If I can't have one (or two, or six) of my own, maybe I can spread the word and help them find a forever home.

Anywho... I'd better go sell some stuff. Thank GOD it's Hump Day.

Let's hump it like we're bareback, racing through the hills, the wind in our faces and excitement coursing through our veins.

Later Taters!

P.S. The horse pictured above is an actual PMU rescue looking for a home. She's 16.3 hands, mostly Shire, black and seven years old. You can read more about her here.