Brain Flush

Today, my mind is like a swirling toilet full of mixed up junk that keeps going around and around, refusing to go down. Let's give it a good flush, shall we?

If Canada is under British rule, why are there so many French Canadians?

My crud is mostly better.

What kind of meat can I buy at the dollar store on the way home, cheap, that will go with potato cakes?

Bossman is in a pissy mood. For the untrained eye, it's a little tricky to tell, he's always such a ray of feckin' sunshine, but he's pissy. It's making me paranoid.

Should I get a passport? I don't have travel plans, I just feel like I should have one. Just in case.

Lately, when I've been face to face with people pissing and moaning over the news, I tell them I don't watch the news because I don't want to think about all the bullshit. Why do they then feel they need to tell me what was on the news?

And they whisper it, all wide eyed and looking around like it's some big, forbidden secret. I'm like.. Dude.. if it was on CNN, Fox and World News Tonight, everyone knows.

Is it five o'clock yet?

When I threaten to run away from home and live under the bridge down by the river, I'm only half joking.

Since I've stopped coloring my hair, should I let it grow long, wear it in a braid and go all "earth mother?" I mean, I've already got the body of a fertility goddess and I can rock the hell out of a tie dyed mumu.

Can you have acrylic hookerlicious pornstarrific french nails while strutting around the local Earth Fare in a tie dyed mumu? If I try, will someone call the hippy police on me? Are they like the phone police that tried to get Dr. Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap up in Ohio back a few years ago?

Maybe I should rethink the whole earth mother thing.

They probably wouldn't approve of my big ass V8 Silverado down at the Earth Fare anyway.

I need to remember to call Aunt Moses to see if she knows where I can borrow a tiller. And someone to operate it.

Tomorrow is Hump Day. I'll try to come up with something better by then.

Later Taters!