Erupting Emotions and Eddie Izzard

Okay ya'll. I know I've not been posting much this week and when I have it's been slim pickins.

Someone's mama always said, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." I've been having a hard time finding something "nice." Today, I give up.

Get comfy and let the whine fest commence.

Here at the Asylum, Bossman is so full of doom and gloom, you can feel it settle over you like a dark ooze when you come in the door. He never speaks, only barks and if you can get a smile out of him, you can be sure he's probably just passing gas. While Thelma, Lulu and myself are working hard and actually getting along quite well, all the managers are stomping around like big babies because... Oh My Gah... they're losing some pay now too.

Ya know what? I feel for them.. but.. welcome to the party. The rest of us have been scrimping and saving for months now. Put on your big boy bloomers and shut the eff up. I'm sorry that the mention that WifeyPoo might have to get a part time job brings tears to your eyes... oh sweet Baby Jesus.. the horror you must be going through.

I'm sorry. I'm only returning the level of compassion I've been shown by them the past six months or so. You reap what you sow.

Next on my list.. Bubbles and Louise. Bubbles big azz, Cousin Fester lookin' bubbahubby has been runnin' his mouth all over town about what a sorry place the Asylum is since Miss Bubbaliciousness got laid off. He also made a point of sharing how he didn't think it was right that the ones who were left got to work 40 hours (if only for two weeks) in front of the Amazon.

Oh boo fricken hoo. He makes damned good money as a Paramedic and their house is paid for. They won't be doing without a flippen thing they need. This is the last year Precious the Younger will be home before starting kindergarten next fall. They should shut up and be thankful that Bubbles can sit her big butt at home and draw unemployment while spending this precious time with her kids. So maybe they won't get to haul their 80 foot camper to the beach this summer.

Cry me a river.

I've been told that the only reason he's so hell bent on Bubbles working, is because he doesn't like her out running the roads all damned day. Well, I reckon if everytime I left the house, I ran home and told bubbahubby that every Tom, Dick and Junior Joe Bob I saw was trying to hump my leg, I could expect he wouldn't want me out running the roads either.

As for Louise, Miss Nose-Up-Everyone-Elses-Ass has spent more time hanging around the office at the Asylum than she ever did when she worked here. She sits in town at lunch time, watching everyone's coming and going, then she makes a round of calls to everyone in the office (not me, she's learned) then sits her big butt down at the Grab N' Go (and go and go) the rest of the day, putting her own spin on everything she's heard and spreading it all over town.

This is no exaggeration. I can't even stop at the mutha freckin' dollar store to buy a pound of coffee with no less than four people stopping me and interrogating me before I get to the door.

I've had it up to my nose hairs with this crap and I'm fixin' to let everyone in ear shot know all about it.

You can add to the list that Ma is pissed off at me. It's nothing new.. it's just one. more. thing.

So there you have it. What's really going on in my life and in my head. Yesterday, I spent my lunch break up at the lookout with a cheeseburger from the campground store, watching the birds fly and the river flow because I just couldn't stand the thoughts of being in town one more second than I had to.

I feel like I'm going to snap.

Anywho.. Bossman is off today, he's playing golf all weekend with some of his buddies. Poor feller. This means, I'm unsupervised for the whole day. I've got about two hours worth of work to do, then I think I'll spend the afternoon watching episodes of "The Riches" on Hulu. Gypsies, Eddie Izzard and a giant wedgie in the butt crack of corporate America.. just what I need.

Ya'll have a good one. I'll be around here somewhere.

Later Taters!


Anonymous said...

You MUST feel better now. I will listen for the rumble to the south when you explode.


BetteJo said...

I had my own meltdown yesterday, musta cried for an hour. All stemming from not being able to buy groceries until next Friday, and having to steal a light bulb from a closet to put in a lamp in the living room.
Oh I get it. But at least nobody at all was home at my house to watch, and especially nobody who was pissed at me.
I'm hoping a meltdown every now and again is a healthy thing.
Really really hoping.