French Tips, Dead Things and Edward, Eddy and Eddie

It was unseasonably warm here in the holler today, I even turned on the a.c. in the truck on the way to Scary Hillbilly town this afternoon. I needed a prescription from Walgreens and picked up a few other doo-dads while I was there. By the way, ya'll know I have an ongoing mission for the acquisition of fantabulous, hookerlicious, french tipped ho-nails. I've bought every type of "kit" you can think of and it always results in a mess, looking like a five year old got hold of a bottle of White Out. Today I found some of those nail polish sticker thingies for french tips and they totally work.

Okay, so one or two of them might be slightly cockeyed. I'll get better with practice.


It's been a sad weekend for critters of an aquatic nature. I had to flush a froggie, the baby eater, on Saturday. He looked like he got hung up in one of the plants. Poor feller. The other little froggie guy is still kickin', hiding out in the canoe. Then.. yesterday.. I went to feed Gobi, my beta and noticed that he was face down, in a vertical position on the bottom of his bowl. I left him alone for a bit, sometimes betas do weird shit and you think they're dead, although I've never seen one in that position before, but when I went back to check on him last night, he was still there. I'm pretty sure he's done for. I still haven't flushed him.

The two deaths were unrelated. The beta lives in a 2 gallon bowl and the frog is in the aquarium. It's still kinda weird though.

So yesterday morning, I was flipping through the channels, trying to find something to take my mind off of whatever the hell is supposed to happen at work tomorrow and the fact that my bedroom has suddenly turned in to killing fields but there wasn't a mother freakin' thing on the boob tube.

What's the deal with television these days? It used to be free and there was usually something to watch on one of the three or four channels you got with an antenna. Now? You have to pay (at least, out here you do, absolutely NO reception without a dish) and for your money you get 150 channels of infomercials and "reality" shows.

Sorry.. I'm feelin' a little pissy tonight. I'll continue...

So I'm flipping and I happen to spot Jennifer Tilly in 1920's garb having what appears to be a serious conversation with Edward Herrmann in a movie called "The Cat's Meow." Now... I loves me some Jennifer Tilly, in a totally non-lesbian, simple admiration kind of way. She's so beautiful and exotic.. and non-waif looking.. and kicks some serious poker playin' ass. I thought I'd seen just about everything she'd done but I hadn't seen this before.

I noticed the movie was about to go off, so I checked and found that it was coming on again in the afternoon. Yaay.

Satisfied that I had something to look forward to later, I got my big kiester up off the couch and took the Christmas tree down, reboxed the ornaments, pissed the Amazon off, did battle with Ma's closet (no lie people, I should get a medal for that alone) and finished up just in time to settle in with the movie.

So I'm sitting there with no idea what this flick is about, sipping diet orange Sunkist, watching as a fancy car pulls up to a yacht. As I watch, I match the voice-over to the face of the woman in the car and I come to the realization that it's Eddy.. from "Absolutely Fabulous" and I'm all like.. dang! I love her! Then.. a few scenes later, another car pulls up and this guy gets out and I'm all like.. dang.. he looks familiar.. who the hell is that? When a cocky grin forms across his lips and his eyes twinkle.. it hits me and I'm all like.. "well slap my ass and call me Gertrude if that ain't EDDIE IZZARD!"


It was a great little movie, check it out if you haven't already.


I guess I should get up from here and go check on the chicken I've got shakin' and bakin', the Amazon will be home from work soon. And I really should go flush Gobi. Here's the trailer for "The Cat's Meow," although I'm probably the only one in the free world who hadn't heard of it before yesterday.

Ya'll have a great week. I'll drop a quickie on you sometime tomorrow to let you know what the big "happening" is (if anything) at the Cubicle Asylum.

Later Taters!