Chilly Toes and Catching Up

It was 4° in the holler this morning. FOUR. And I had the bright idea to run outside to fire up the truck in bedroom slippers. My toes may never forgive me.

I've been busier than the lunch lady on pizza day here at the Asylum. I've done more quotes, answered more phone calls and set up more new accounts in the first two weeks of January than I did in all of December. Most of the inquiries and orders are coming in from Canada which I suspect is a direct result of the mass mailings I did back in November. I hope this means things are looking up.

My new hours have taken some getting used to. I'm not getting crap loads of housework done like I'd hoped I would, but I am getting to watch alot of "Ellen" and "Oprah." I've used the time to work on Twistedmare some, changing descriptions and tweaking here and there, but after multitasking well beyond my brain's capabilities for a day, I usually just have to zone out for a while when I get home.

While I've not yet been informed of all my weekend plans, I do plan on going to The World O' Wally for a few groceries and to purchase me, myself and I a spiffy new carpet cleaner. It's an upright but it's small and perfect for trailer sized rooms. The carpet carnage resulting from years of furbaby ailments and indiscretions has gone beyond what I can remove on my hands and knees with a can of spray cleaner. The Crock Pot I promised myself for Christmas can wait another week or two.

I'll also be picking up this months order from Angel Food Ministries tonight. It's a great way to stretch your food dollars and you're helping out a good cause.

Anywho.. I'd better get back to work. I've got a stack of data entry to do. Ya'll have a great Friday, we'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!