Ma, Elvis and the Wrath of God

There's a cool wind blowing through the holler this Sunday morning, a welcome change from the near 90° temperatures yesterday. It got hot up in this trailer ya'll. Air conditioning can only do so much when you live in an aluminum hot box.

It's been a productive weekend. I lost count of how many loads of sheets and bed pads I washed yesterday. Ma hides them in her room until I can't stand it anymore and I know there's got to be a stockpile somewhere. It's then that I have to block her out as she tells me "just leave it, I don't want you to have to do anything more" and barrel in there and take over. Oh and the "just leave it" isn't out of compassion for me. It's very biting and sarcastic.

I finally sat down around nine last night, I was too pooped to move. Ma came in to the kitchen (the kitchen and living room kinda run together, just in case you're not familiar with trailer floor plans,) sat down and inquired about the absence of any cooked supper. I suggested she fix a sandwich, it was too hot and too late to cook anything.

"Okay, I can do that. When you get back up, you need to go in the laundry room and move that dryer away from the wall."

I glared.

There's a special place in heaven for me. I know there is.

I'm kicking back today, I've only got about three more loads of sheets, towels and the like to wash. There's a roast on the stove and I'll be adding potatoes, onions and carrots to the pot later. It's gonna be good stuff.

Oh and I colored my hair. It came out WAY dark. Now it's like.. Willy Wonka, sans bangs, impersonating Elvis in a cheesy Vegas club, way off the strip where they bus in elderly tourists on those econo gambling tours.

I'm suffering God's wrath for saying Bubbles had Paula Deen hair.

Anywho, it's got plenty of time to grow out before Craig Ferguson's scheduled appearance in Athens, Georgia this September.

Oh yes.. I have plans.

Ya'll enjoy your Sunday.

Later Taters!