How to Spend Four Hours Vacation

As I mentioned in my brief post earlier in the day, I left the office at noon. I've still got over two weeks vacation left, the year is half over and I decided I needed a break. By lunchtime I'd entered the weekly order from our biggest customer, plus a couple thousand bucks more, completed two nice sized quotes and fielded a few phone calls.

I amazed myself. Maybe those vitamins are helping.

After a quick stop home I made tracks to the nail salon just over the county line, in the Big City suburbs. I signed in, then ran over to Samuele De Fanstastique for the hair cut I've been trying to get for like.. a month.

I'm not happy with it. Think Johnny Depp in Willy Wonka, sans bangs, with very noticeable gray roots. Ah well.. it will grow. There will be a date with Miss Clairol some time this weekend. Come Monday, I'll be fabulous.

After hair and nails, I stopped at the drug store to score Ma some real decongestant. She's got the Amazon's Greensboro crud. The gagging, yacking, coughing, sneezing and all the other ways you can think of to turn bodily fluids into projectile biohazrds are happening within feet of me at all times.

I refuse to get it. REFUSE.

It's bad enough that my tummy's been tripping the light fantastic, causing frantic searches for suitable public potty accommodations. There were two ladies in the bathroom at the grocery store tonight that I owe an apology, possibly even monetary compensation.

No one should have to experience what they did.

Anywho.. that's how I spent my half a vacation day. Now I'm looking forward to not leaving the house any more this weekend, other than that one trip to the dollar store. I hope ya'll have a good one.

Later Taters!