Another Side of Mahala

Dang.. who broke the internet? Blogger was all boogered up, Statcounter died... someone's grounded.

I'll bet some of ya'll didn't know I had an artsy fartsy side, did ya? My latest TwistedMare project is the image at the left, "Forgotten Angel."

"But Mahala," I hear you say, "taking a photograph hardly qualifies you as artsy fartsy."

Very true, but you see, I not only took the photograph, I stenciled the sweet angel face on a terra cotta pot years ago. It's been sitting outside in the weather, getting all textured and cool, just so that someday it could be featured on products in my online shop.

Okay, I didn't really plan it that way, but I did paint it. I even gave Bubbles one one of the pots as a gift way back when.

No chit.

Adding the new product line was how I spent a big chunk of my Sunday. I can't begin to even express how huge a difference the RAM upgrade made on my computer. PS didn't crash. I didn't have to restart my computer 37 times, things went so much smoother. I'm slowly getting over the guilt of having spent a big chunk of change on it, after wrongly assuming I was getting my stimulus check that week.

Speaking of which... I haven't seen hide nor hair of any check. I've not even gotten a letter saying I was eligible.

Mahala needs stimulation ya'll.

Anywho, Blogger being down this morning has thrown me all off schedule, so I'd better get back to work.

Ya'll have a good 'un!

Later Taters!