Eddie Izzard and the Flattened Pickle

It's been one of those days ya'll. The office was quiet, there wasn't much to do and Bubbles took the day off. I had plenty of time to kill, yet, I started no less than six posts before finally giving up.

I've got nothing.

I just can't bring myself to leave ya'll without anything at all, so instead of my babbling idiocy, I leave you with a clip from one of my favorite shows, starring several of my favorite actor type people. If you've never seen "The Riches," let me sum it up for ya:

Irish Travellers, meets southern culture with a strong Sopranos influence.

".....these are a few of my favorite things..."

I'll see ya'll tomorrow. Enjoy this little taste of the Izzard.


Anonymous said...

Mahala has nothing to say? What is this world coming to????

Mahala said...

I know! Freaky ain't it?

A Spot of T said...

Well I think hell froze over and pigs began to fly. Mahala has nothing to say :o)

tiff said...

Oh MAN! I have to wait to get home to watch this (stupid cubicles) - but....Eddie....

Heres' to humdpay, and a refreshed blogcabulary!

Dianne said...

Oh Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! I could just ... well I'll keep it PG

You described the show perfectly Mahala.