When the Universe Screams

Let's jump right in with both feet, kay?

The gimp eyed weather girl said we're in for the hottest day so far this year. Thank God for air conditioning right?

Guess what's broken at the asylum.

The forecast is for 93°. Shoot me now.

Also at the asylum, managers were called to a meeting yesterday for a doom and gloom report. Bossman was told to get some sales in here, or else. Everyone else was forbidden to spend any money whatsoever on anything.

Like repairs, for instance. Like.. air conditioners.

In other news...

My head is in a really weird place lately, making it difficult for me to write anything here. You see, I've gotten used to sharing everything with ya'll here in the blogosphere and most of the time that's fine. I mean.. hell fire.. I'm sure there are times when ya'll wish I'd let up a little with the caring and sharing, from menstrual irregularities to intestinal assaults.

What I hesitate to share are those events which even I find to be unexplainable, those times when I feel the universe tugging at my heart, occupying my mind and forcing me to deal with things that, admittedly most people think are way too "out there" for public consumption.

Saturday night, I had a dream. It wasn't a bad dream, but it was quite vivid and there are things about it that stood out so prominently that they still gnaw at my mind. The bright images and gut twisting emotions were so real that they woke me at 4 a.m.

I got up Sunday morning, still seeing the images from the night before, still sorting them out, turned on the television and witnessed a small portion of the previous night's dream being played out on the news. Experience tells me it was just taste, to let me know to pay attention.

On Monday, I heard someone relaying the story of how they'd spent their Friday night. This someone wasn't in the dream, but the place they described seemed to be a carbon copy of the place I visited in my sleep.

So yeah, I know this sounds flaky. But it is what it is.. I guess.

Anywho, that's why I'm a little out of it. I'm trying to sort it all out, figure out what it means.

We'll talk soon. Ya'll stay cool.

Later Taters.


Joy T. said...

I get dreams like that all the time. De ja vu I think is what they're called? Not sure. But they can be scary as hell when you're watching them play out and know how they're going to end. Now. Go and try and deal with that heat. I'm telling you right now I'd be a huge puddle of goo on the floor if I had to deal with that kind of heat!

kenju said...

You have pre-cognition. Go with the flow and learn from the lessons.

Mahala said...

Oh Joy, I'm a puddle of something for sure lol.

Kenju, I'm trying to not over think it. I'm bad to analyze the crap out of this stuff.

tiff said...

You could be making a MINT offa the precognition! What are you still doing at hthe asylum, Lil Miss Nostradamus?

Mahala said...

LOL tiff! The asylum, albeit aggrivating as hell, is at least (at the moment) dependable.

Although I could see me setting up a tent on the edge of town, bleeding the tourists.


Dianne said...

Definitely try not to over-think (she say while thinking about over-thinking)

and I love how you share! it is one of the most wonderful things about you - you are who you are and you say what you feel and mean.

I love that!

Anonymous said...

So...any dreams about me losing my temper at work and losing my job??? I walked out today in a tizzy. Tomorrow morning ought to be interesting. I'm reading your blog to unwind now - you know- get my mind off my problems and on to something else. It is kinda scary when you have dreams like that. I had one a few years ago involving Mary (mom of Jesus)...it left me with a way different feeling than the usual dream.

Mahala said...

*hugs* Dianne, you're pretty wonderful yourself :)

Uh-oh on the leaving work in a tizzy. I hope everything turns out okay. Deeeeeep breeeeath..

Meritt said...

I've always had 'those dreams' too. Ever since I was a child. I think a good portion of our race does... just remember; Let it Go! :)

Speaking of which last night in MY dream a bunch of punks outside a house I was helping someone move into put a silver gun to my head. I hope that one doesn't come true!