Angel Food and Squishy Butts

Hot diggedy damn, it's Friday ya'll! And.. I'm off Monday.. then I'm off next Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday...

*Jumps on her desk and does the cabbage patch while Bossman is in his morning meeting..*

Oh yeah.. and Monday is payday. Can I get a Amen?!?

Okay.. I'll settle my little arse down. Before I move forward with the regularly scheduled nonsense that is my life, Lulu and I thought of something the other day that I wanted to share with ya'll.

Back a few years ago, when the HR manager actually like.. worked and stuff.. she told us about this church sponsored program called "Angel Food Ministries." With locations all over the country, you can preorder boxes of their very low priced groceries ($30, for around $65 worth of food,) then pick it up on the designated delivery day. There is no "eligibility"requirement, nothing to fill out. Income has nothing to do with the program at all. Roll up in your Beemer or ride your bicycle.. everyone is welcome. For more information, click the link and check the menu for participating locations in your area. You can buy as many $30 boxes as you want and they also have "bonus" boxes of veggies, cookout stuff and meat for anywhere from $16-$20. (This is not a sponsored post.. I just thought ya'll might be interested.)

Moving on...

It's quiet at the Asylum today, no Bubbles, no Lulu, just me, Thelma and Louise trying to run the office and keep our uber productive *cough* management team in line.

Managers get cranky as a mofo when they have to like... work.

Lord just help me make through this day.. then I'll be off for three.

I plan to spend the weekend puttering around the house, getting some things caught up. I've been working on some new designs for my shop, I'm hoping to get those uploaded in the next day or two (a butterfly, an owl and some cat eyes.) I also need to tweak some designs that are bringing in searches but not sales.

I may venture out to town and get some pictures of the biker induced mayhem, for ya'll's viewing pleasure. Who knows.. maybe I'll find me a nice, long haired weekend warrior with an appreciation for bodacious tattas and a squishy butt.

We shall see.

Ya'll have a great Friday. Later Taters!


Anonymous said...

Well God Bless You Mahala, for sharing the Angel Food info with us! As a lone parent of 2 and the cost of groceries and gas continuing to climb, I need all the help I can get!

I hope your weekend is everything you want and more!


Mahala said...

It's my pleasure :) A bunch of people from the office used it a few years back, then we all sort of forgot about it. With recent economical developments, the girls from the asylum have been having a lot of informal pow-wows on how to cut costs.

Hope it helps :)

kenju said...

I going to check and see if they operate in Raleigh.

Bah said...

Right on, George. I'm going to look into that for a friend of mine. Her daughter left for military service and she's taking care of her grandaughter on a very small salary. Freaked out is not the word for her right now. Thanks!

Can't wait to see the new designs!

BetteJo said...

Angel Food Ministries sounds like the perfect thing for making up the difference for those gas prices! Nice of you to share. :)

By the way - are you the least bit afraid you'll get spoiled by the 4-day weeks?

BetteJo said...

I think I'll put this up on my blog too - it's not stealing if it helps people, right?

Mahala said...

Yeah.. but only because I've not gotten my first short paycheck yet lol.

And of course.. feel free to share the links on your own blog :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a GOOD friday! Enjoy your long weekend. My weekend is going to be insane. I'm almost looking forward to going back to work on Monday for 3 short days, then rolling into a beautiful 4 day weekend!

Meritt said...

Uh, I already knew about the Angel boxes and all... I'm still stuck on you doing the cabbage patch????

What the heck is that?

Travel said...

My plane landed at midnight last night and I found myself watching Ferberger to unwind and go to sleep last night. I can almost understand what you see in him, but as he pointed out he "has no money, he has been divoced twice."