Crazy Is, As Crazy Does

And the plot thickens....

For those of you keeping score, PG and I had a small yet extremely vocal falling out yesterday morning. Today, as the rumor mill got cranked up and Thelma returned to work after being off for two days, I found out that PG (Purchasing Guy) tinkled in the Cheerios of just about everyone in the office. Bless his heart. Dude was on a roll.

In addition to his pissy mood and his spreading anger and discontent throughout the Asylum, apparently there was also an incident involving PG, a ditch and a forklift. A forklift that PG was not authorized to drive. Sadly, I was not fortunate enough to witness the carnage which ensued out in the parking lot. Had I been so privileged, my cheers would have been heard for miles.

This place has gone absolutely insane. The management "team," all males, have been posturing with chests thrust out and fingers waving in displays rivalling that of the entire animal kingdom. I would not be shocked, in the least, if I were to catch one of them hiking their leg to take a wizz on the other's desk or even humping each other's leg in an act of dominance.

Speaking of management, Tiny and Bubbles (it makes you wanna sing doesn't it?..... "tiiiiiiny bubbles..) have Louise all in a tither. She gets all kindsa bent out of shape watching them walk around, joined at the hip, disappearing in to dark corners and eyeing each other's bootay. She goes on and on about Bubbles' claims of Christian superiority, then acting like a hoochie mama.

Not that I would, in any way, shape or form, defend Bubbles, but it amuses me how Louise thinks herself the Christian Morals Police, watching everyone else and commenting on their frequency of church attendance, the company they keep and whether they're "good Christians" in her eyes, then turning RIGHT around and saying, "I wonder do I have to fuck Tiny or if I can just blow him to get special treatment?"

That's right dear readers, these are the people I spend 40 32 hours of my life with, every week. The same people who think I'm weird and who accuse me of having a personality disorder.

Hell, I probably am a little nuts. You can get that way quick around here.

I'm off to the grindstone. Ya'll have a bootay kickin' day.

Later Taters!