Brawls, Babies and Needin' a Nap

It was a rough night here in Frog Pond Holler on Day 1 of the yearly biker rally. By 8 p.m. we'd already had one drunken campground brawl casualty, complete with a rescue helicopter landing in the middle of town. Poor dude got stabbed in the neck.

That's a boo boo a Sponge Bob band aide just won't fix.

Bubbles' bubbahubby was the paramedic on the scene. Thankfully, being off Monday I won't have to listen to that story being rehashed 200 million times... unless it spills over in to Tuesday.

The Amazon took Jolene (my truck) and headed out to the country a little while ago. She's got some friends that are planning a sudden, unexpected wedding after finding out about a soon-to-be, also unexpected, blessed event. Oh.. the wagging tongues of the town busy bodies will be so brisk they may stir up a breeze on their own, but it's okay. When I found out I was pregnant with the Amazon at the ripe old age of 19 and my family did everything they could to make me feel like the Whore O' the Century, a nice stranger gave me a cheap little cardboard plaque that said, "A baby is God's way of saying the world must go on."

Words worth remembering.

Anywho.. I hope ya'll are enjoying your weekend. I think I'm going to take advantage of the quiet house and take a nap.

So ya'll try to keep it down.. kay?

Later Taters!


Travel said...

A story like that is likely to last until Tuesday.


BetteJo said...

Yeah, I don't think you're going to manage to miss hearing that story.

I took a nap today - it was SO quiet - I slept for damn near 3 hours! Don't know if I'm ever going to bed tonight.

newduck said...

I didn't know you got prego so young! You must be about my age, and when I was 19 I got married for 6 months, ghetto-style.

I can't explain why, but when I get a spare moment I click on your blog before any other in my blog list.

Mahala said...

Yeah.. I got an early start lol. You're one up on me, I've never been married. The ex-con I lived in sin with briefly probably would have asked eventually, but I bailed on him.

I called it "living in the car." He called it "embracing the gypsy lifestyle."