Short, Sweet and Humpy

Ya'll are the best and I mean that. When I get on my whining jag ya'll always remind me that here is not "normal," that this place, this town is an anomaly and that I don't fit in is not a reflection on me as a human being.

Thank goodness for the internet or I'd be insane.

I think the Amazon has her trip drama sorted out. Her friend Aarin is going to drive her little Mini all the way to the holler from G'boro and back, then I'm going to meet them in Hickory Sunday to collect her. She's got the room situation fixed (thanks for the offer Kenju.. you're awesome!) and all's well.

I hope.

As for the Asylum, well.. it doesn't change. I try to heed DG's advice and keep my head down to avoid conflict, do my job and spend a large amount of time listening to the radio through earbuds. I've found that the less I hear of everyone else's BS, the happier I am at the end of the day. I'm determined to find a way to make enough money from the internet to someday quit my job here and the daily craziness of this place just makes me more determined... and it provides endless blog fodder.

On that note, I'm going to go get some stuff caught up. I might be back later.. there is a story I want to share.. but ya'll know how it goes when I make plans.

In honor of Humpday, I propose that as you go throughout your day, you stop at a random piece of office furniture and air hump it. Don't worry if people are looking, hump it like you just don't care... for a second or two. Then go about your business.

We must embrace the Humpday.

Later Taters.


terri said...

We are all just a little "off" around my office anyway. I think I could provide some serious entertainment if I made a few pit stops, randomly humping cube walls and office furniture. I'm off tomorrow. It'll give them something to talk about.

Mahala said...

That's the spirit!!

Once, in a fit of insanity, I spontaneously air humped the big data printer in front of Lulu and the one token lesbian that briefly worked here.

Dianne said...

My desk appears to like it and now it wants more.

I'm scared!

Mahala said...


BetteJo said...

I'm already home from work, no work-humpin' for me!

Mahala said...

Household appliances will work.. microwaves.. clothes dryers lol.

Inanna said...

I work in a restaurant, someone's always humpin' somewhere.

kenju said...

I'm glad to know that your baby has a place to stay.

Joy T. said...

Well darn it anyway. That's what I get for not keeping up on blog reading. I miss furniture air humping. Darn!