OMG! The Cutest Butt EVAH!

Admittedly, these photos aren't my best work, but they were taken through my bedroom window, just before dusk. I can't believe a stray rabbit has taken up residence in my yard. The Amazon has named him Paco, short for Bunny of the Appocolypse. He/she has a friend, a much smaller rabbit, definitely wild. We've also seen a baby bunny frolicking around the yard. Whether Paco (or Paconella) had a hand in the production of the baby bunny is a mystery.
I left the crushed Coke bottle in the first picture to give you an idea of Paco's size. He/she doesn't move when we pull up in the driveway and he's moved back to the other side of the yard, by the van, now that the car is gone. He likes to sleep under vehicles. Maybe he was a junkyard rabbit.
Or an attack bunny!