Meat Weiners, Sexy Toes and Free Gas

Hey ya'll! Check it out, the first day back at work and it's already Tuesday. We're ahead of the game.

Is it weird that at the ripe old age of 42, I still get school girl giggles when I hear the advertisement for "Farmer John's Meat Weiners?"

Just wondering...

My visit to Scary Hillbilly Town over the weekend was an adventure. The prescription I had filled was supposed to be for a 90 day supply, with three refills, to last me a year (*counting on fingers.. yeah that's right.) Instead, I got a 30 day supply and three refills.. which is all kindsa wrong, even with that new fangled math they teach nowadays.

Note to self: Stop flirting with Dr. Sexypants while he fills out prescription forms. Remember that your feminine wiles are powerful and not all men can recover from their exposure to your witty sense of humor, your bodacious tattas and chubby little Melungeon toes.

I also ended up with $20 free gas during my trip across the state line. The Readers Digest Condensed version is that the pump I was using was screwed up and the employees there couldn't agree on whether or not I actually got the first $20 worth of gas. There was even some implication that perhaps I was mistaken about having pumped $20 before it cut off on me.

I'm such a silly girl. They must be right. I could never operate something as complicated as a self service gas pump.

My tank was full and it was only $52. I so got free gas.

Note to self: Stopping at the gas station with the six foot, plastic rooster in the parking lot might not be such a good idea in the future.

Anywho.. I hope ya'll are having a killer day. I'm off to look busy for the duration.

Later Taters!


tiff said...

20 bucks in free gas? What's that, like a quarter tnak?


Mahala said...

That's about right lol.

Dianne said...

I still giggle, at 52, at anyone named Dick. I think it makes us charming.

Tranny Head said...

I second Dianne. And add that if MY name were Richard, I'd totally go by "Dick."

Mahala said...


I like that :) And tranny head.. wth happend to your name? LOL

Meritt said...

My FIL calls hotdogs "weiners" to this day. Dh and I almost lose ourselves in giggles every time.

Joy T. said...

I was watching tv the other day and a guy by the name of dyke came on. I swear I blew the tea right across the room and laughed out loud. My son told me to grow up. Must have his father's genes running through him because I don't care who you are 'dyke' is just plain funny.

Anonymous said...

Farmer John's Meat Weiners... *snort*

It's a good thing you and I don't work together. We'd never get any real work done through all the juvenile antics!