Ma's Working the Late Shift

Apparently it was a busy night in the holler. As I waddled around the kitchen, slowly trying to clear the cobwebs enough to manage something as complicated as putting coffee on, Ma called me to her room to give me the lowdown on the over night scanner reports. She went on for ten minutes about people I don't know and someone's granddaughter overdosing on pills, then the sudden death of the brother-in-law from the same family and his childhood which some how involved my great grandparents.

I smiled, nodded and pretended to have a clue. It wasn't that I didn't care, I just had no idea who these people were.

Just as I was about to wander off, she mentioned that Aunt Moses' hubby was rushed to the hospital with a heart attack sometime in the night where they did emergency surgery.

I'm like.. dang.. why didn't you lead off with that bit of news? I mean.. Uncle Barney isn't someone I like to spend time with (think Barney Fife meets Archie Bunker, with just a touch of Andrew Dice Clay tossed in,) but I do know who he is and I'd like to know if he suddenly up and died.

Ma said it was a busy night. She was wore out.

It's hard keeping up with the night shift in the holler.

We had lots of storms moving through the area last night, with more today. Stormy skies over night meant a huge section of Fall Creek woke up with out power, including some other areas surrounding Frog Pond Holler. Here in town we have a different power company so everything's working here at the Asylum, but most of the employees were late because alarm clocks didn't go off.

Bubbles has this thing about ghosts and hauntings. She is constantly saying things like, "Did you see that shadow move across the wall?" or "Did you hear that? It was like.. someone saying my name!!" She is convinced that her kids have seen a little girl spirit who lives in her house, etc. She may very well have a spook in her midst, I don't know. I've had my own experiences with that sort of stuff, but let's be honest, Bubbles is such a flake it's hard to tell.

Anywho, so I've been keeping myself entertained by hiding behind the cubicle wall when she's on the phone with a customer and mocking her giggling bull crap in a quiet whisper, then rushing back to my desk to reapply my earbuds like I've been sitting there all along, before she can get off the phone.

Oh. My. Gawd. I wish ya'll could see the look she gets on her face.

Am I being mean? Well... yes. I am.


I found this video on YouTube. Every Wednesday when I tell ya'll to "Hump it real good," this is the song playing in my head.



tiff said...

Anything you can do to disquiet Bubbles is GOLD.

Jeni said...

Your trick with Bubbles sounds about like something my best friend and I might have tried -way back in the days when we used to work together and loved to play whatever kind of practical joke we could possibly think of on co-workers and even our boss at times too.
The "nite shift" detail though -I've found a way where I can get fire and ambulance calls on my computer -via my e-mail. Less noisy than a scanner is and no question about trying to understand the address either over the static on the scanner. My daughter's sister-in-law told me about this site for county calls that you can subscribe to -free, no less -and being as nosy as I am, I like having a bit of a clue about emergency calls this way.

Tori Lennox said...

Hey, maybe we could get the team from Ghost Hunters to investigate Bubbles' ghosts but only the ones in the office, of course. Then you could get their autographs for me. *g*

Mahala said...

Aww heck.. I've got the hots for one of the Ghost Hunters team.. can't think of his name at the moment. The one who couldn't go to Ireland because of his fear of flying.

Dianne said...

I love that song! Love those girls!! they're my cleaning music and my dance around the house rather than kill someone music.

rennratt said...

Mocking an annoying co-worker is not sad.

It is required.

Joy T. said...

Darn can't get the video to play. Might have to come back to it. Always love a good humpity song :o) We knew someone who had one of those scanners and it seemed like it took over their life. They wouldn't leave their home for fear of missing something. So weird but keeps some people amused that's for sure.

BetteJo said...

I would be a vegetable if I had a scanner to listen to, a computer to surf on and a TV to have on in the background. Nuh-uh. Not adding the scanner,but it does sound like a mighty good nosy toy without moving the curtains!

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing, every Wednesday when you tell us to hump it real good, this is the song I sing to myself too. I loved Salt N Pepa! My daughter is a huge fan. I shamelessly admit I watched the reality show however I think you know I'm as admitted reality tv show junkie. Didn't I DCC this song to you back on IRC 8 years ago???? LMAO

Mahala said...

I believe you did lol. BTW.. I tried to log on to chatnet last weekend and found I was BANNED. WTF?