Warning: Do Not Enter Without Personal Safety Devices

I really shouldn't post with my current Bitchy McCrankypants mood, but what the hey, I like to live dangerously.

"But Mahala, you're always such a ray of sunshine, a breath of fresh air, what could POSSIBLY be the matter?" I hear ya'll asking.

I hope it's just the early onset of regularly scheduled womanly hormones. If not, I may need some anti-psychotic medications before the day is over.

I'm pissed off over shit crap that happened a week ago, a month ago and 20 years ago. I've contemplated taking the stack of dirty dishes that is piled in both sinks and along the entirety of the kitchen counter, tossing them out in the road and backing Jolene (my truck) back and forth over them about fifty times.

I've only been to the office an hour and I've already put my job in danger. The plant manager made some smart assed comment about the shipping ho and I sounding very polite this morning, were we ill or imitating someone else?

I smiled a psychotic grin and informed him that I was always nice to people who were nice to me. I also informed him that perhaps he needed to examine his own manners before poking fun at the social etiquette of others.

It's one of those days where, when my mind is just about ready to calm down and stop being pissed off, it says, "oh yeah..and ANOTHER thing..."

I hope it's just PMS. Pray the St. John's Wort I'm popping kicks in soon.. or someone's going to get hurt.

But ya'll still love me, right?