Beware the Post Office Fliers

So yesterday, I stopped at the post office on the way home from work to check the mail. I've been neglecting my box checking duties lately, so it was pretty full. As I flipped through the stack, pulling anything that looked like junk mail out, ripping it to bits and tossing it in the can so lovingly provided by the U.S. Postal Service, I noticed a flier hanging on the board. It was right beside the "Baby Bunnies $5" sign (and yes, I've already had to have the "no we aren't getting a baby bunny" discussion with the Amazon.)
The flier read, "Yard work, Babysitting and House Cleaning" with a name and number. The name rang a bell, it took me a minute to clear the cobwebs enough to figure out who it was.
The $40 dolla hoochie mama across the road.
Oh my damn. Babysitting?!?
I'm gonna need for every single one of you to take a moment to say a silent prayer that no one in Frog Pond Holler is looney enough to leave their Little Precious in that dingbat's care.
Now, I'm going to go shame the Amazon because she walked to town and came back with a candy bar for herself.. and not me.
Ya'll enjoy your weekend!
Later Taters.