I'm Glad That's Over

Lawsy what a flippin' day!

Things are a bit... strained.. at the Asylum. We had to read booklets, sign forms and swear on our first born that we weren't using company "communication equipment" for lewd, crude or otherwise socially unacceptable behavior.

There were more memos. There were "inter office bulletins" posted on the doors leading in and out of the cubicle asylum, preaching the sins of unauthorized texting and having phone sex on company time.

It's crazy ya'll.

Henny Penny, the sweet little old hen from the other plant, called this afternoon after working herself in to such a tizzy that I feared she'd hurl and faint at any second. Henny likes to send those cute little emails with Maxine comics, the ones that talk about sagging boobs and hot toddies. She was convinced management was going to check her computer and she was going to get fired for having lewd material in Outlook Express.

"I've got to get back to deleting these emails," she said. "I'm down to 1546."

I tried to set her mind at ease, but apparently the employees over there thought the guilty party was caught by a random computer check. At least that's what Henny Penny thought. Bless her heart. She was all to pieces.

The Asylum is a stressful place right now. After signing all those forms, reading all those memos and swearing on the product catalog that I don't have smut on my computer, I felt kinda funny going back to my desk to post here. I may have to stick to writing on lunch breaks for a wee bit, just until everything calms down a little.

Bossman was even all paranoid over his "golf course" screen saver. He asked me to make sure he had all traces removed.

I know it's only temporary. We went through the same kinda stuff on the three different occasions that our GM had sexual harassment charges brought against him. Other people act a fool, the rest of us have to go to meetings because of it.

I know it's mighty late on Humpday, so just hump it a smidge. You have time :)

Later Taters.


Travel said...

What can we say, you work in a much more intersting place than we do. It makes you wish you had something to hide from them.


Bah said...

C'mon, we all know you have nekked pictures of Clay Aiken on your work PC. Fess up already.

terri said...

Nothing like a little paranoia to completely shut down any hopes of productivity.

kenju said...

Reading about that sure makes me glad that I work from home! Not that I have any lewd material on my computer.....LOL. Makes for an interesting week, though, huh?

DG said...

Uh oh. So them nekkid pics I sent to you the other day could be cause for concern? Oh dear.

This is some seriously funny sh!t, Mahala.

Mahala said...

I should take some picks of the dog sleeping on his back with is bidness hanging and put them on my computer... or email them to the sorta IT guy and ask him if it's lewd lol.