Waiting for Stimulation

Isn't it cool when pollen is on everything, then you have an early a.m. frost and it looks like Luigi's Italian Ice on your windshield?

Just an observation.

Everyone seems a bit calmer at the Asylum this morning. Experiencing a demented cyber-nookie based shake up is all fun and games at first, but after a couple of hours it's just tiring. I'm hoping we can get back to our normal nonsense today.

Is anyone else obsessively checking their bank balance throughout the day, hoping for their stimulus check? Most of mine is going towards my credit card balance, but I'm taking a little chunk of it to buy some RAM. My home computer is a few years old and trying to run PS while working on Twisted Mare projects is proving to be difficult. The ol' girl grunts, groans, sputters and eventually just lays down and refuses to continue. I think it's time to upgrade from 512 to something a little more turbo charged.. like 2GB.

Speaking of Twisted Mare, if you haven't checked it out lately, go by and take a peek. I've added a few framed prints featuring some of the photos I've taken over the past few years. Adding new stuff is slow going as I learn the ins and outs of CafePress and Photoshop.

Baby steps.

I gotta run now and tend to some month end duties. In the meantime, if you'd like occasional updates from the Asylum throughout the day, you can follow me on Twitter.

Ya'll have a booty kickin' day!

Later Taters.

Update: I totally mispelled "lewd" yesterday. It's fixed now. I'm such a ditz.


DG said...

Argh! Y-E-S YES I have been checking for my stupid stimulus check thingy. And no. It ain't there yet. I saw a bunch of anti-Dubya cartoons on MSNBC, making fun of him for pushing for the stimulus checks. That's all fine for those elitist a-holes, but I'll take my check and spend it with a smile, thanx much! What jerkoffs. The little people don't mind tax cuts and rebates. Shocker.

Jeni said...

Sounds like you've had a very interesting week at the asylum. Isn't it fun though when there's some really juicy stuff happening at the old work place?

Travel said...

Still waiting for my direct deposit, I have the rest of a cruise to pay for with it.


AC said...

aw, I missed the mispelling!

Joy T. said...

You're on Twitter? I'm on Twitter! You just know I'm looking you up!

Mahala said...

I actually tried to find you on Twitter before, I'm glad you tracked me down :)