FLDS Men, An Open Letter

I've been avoiding this topic like the plague, out of a fear of offending people, but it's time we discussed the FLDS compound in Texas, the polygamists and our government's responsibility to the children involved.

Let me get right to the point. These women and children are nothing more than cattle to these men. The women are bred, boys are used to work until they reach an age where they might want a heifer of their own, then they're sent away. The female children are kept, for breeding purposes. The more babies they pop out, the greater the monthly welfare payment. It's nothing but a big scam used to milk the welfare system with the added bonus of giving an excuse for pedophiles get their groove on with little girls under the guise of religious freedom.

To put it bluntly, it makes me want to hurl.

I watch these mothers on television saying they're "free," that their children are never abused. I guess when you've been taught since birth that it's okay for 50 year old men to have sex with children, then you wouldn't see it as abuse. That is, as long as it's okayed by the "prophet"... who happens to be in prison for two counts of being an accomplice to rape.

Until yesterday, I watched the coverage with quiet detachment. I joked about the fact that they could have cell phones but apparently weren't allowed to have tweezers, because there are some serious unibrows going on up in that compound.

But yesterday, my view changed.

Yesterday, I got pissed off.

The FLDS has set up a web page where they have cheezy little videos, pictures of the "raid," and pleas for donations to pay for the legal cost of having their children returned to them.

Excuse me.

First, you teach your children that "my kind" is evil. You brag about your ability to "bleed the beast" as you breed your women to make more little brainwashed babies, living on MY tax dollars, then you have the BALLS to ask for MORE OF MY MONEY??? To pay for your COURT APPOINTED ATTORNEYS???

Now I know why you have to control your women and keep them locked up, unable to form an original thought. It's the only way YOUR KIND can keep a woman stupid enough to put up with your ignorant, inbred ass.

As for the children, I'm sure they're having a difficult time, being away from their mothers, but I also know they're relieved. I know because I have intimate knowledge of child sexual abuse. I understand the confusion experienced when you know, deep down, that what is happening is not right, yet feeling love for the only parents you've ever known. I used to sit in school and daydream about being taken away from my father's house, spending hours fantasizing about scenarios which would make it possible for my mother to go away with me, just so it could stop. I'd work out every detail in my head, epic stories that played out in fantastical ways, making sure no one would get hurt, he could go away and Ma and I would live happily ever after.

I have always felt intense guilt and responsibility that it didn't happen that way.

So, thank God that burden has been lifted from the wee little shoulders of these children. Thank God they won't have to feel 30 years of guilt. Allow the state of Texas to take that responsibility.

To my regular readers, please excuse this little outburst. I'll be back later with news from the holler, a meme or two and my regular abnormalcy.

To the leaders of the FLDS, there's a special place in hell just for you.


tiff said...

Well spoken, Mahala. Those children need your voice behind them to give them strength. I hope and pray that hey are given a chance at something resembling normal, or at least be able to live a life free from the opression that is quietly raging in their lives.

I'm very sorry that your life as a child was taken from you through unspeakable acts. That breaks my heart. Congratulations to you for coming out of it a healthier person. It leads me to wonder though, what happened to Dad, and how does your Ma feel about it all, given that what happened is now history?

Mahala said...
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Tori Lennox said...

I was saying just yesterday to my mom that those guys were sure going to be surprised when they ended up in hell.

And they keep talking about how traumatized the kids are to be taken away from them. I don't buy that for a minute after seeing all the kids on that one bus laughing and waving at the cameras as they were taken off to foster care. I really don't think they'd have that kind of reaction if they were traumatized.

Rachel said...

I couldn't agree more. I think the kids are probably more traumatized to be out in a world they've been taught to fear than that they aren't with their parents (by most accounts, tightly controlling, repressive, punitive...even without all the abuse allegations).

Anonymous said...

Amen, sister!

Travel said...

You are hitting the nail on the head. There is a reason that sex with a child is a felony, I would prosecute every one I could prove.


terri said...

YOU GO girl! YES! You tell 'em! Damn. You're good.

A Christian Prophet said...

Do not allow your preconceived ideas to color your judgment. I lived in a foster home, a Christian boys' home, and a state school for boys. All were hell. Help free these children. See:

Mahala said...

Oh wow, a prophet among us. Give me a friggen break.

Jeni said...

"Pay no attention to that person behind the curtain." (Wizard of Oz, ya know) Anyway, just wanted to tell you you deserve a huge pat on the back for this post. These women, although not dressed near as fashionably, looked for all the world like Stepford wives, unable to form a clear though between them for the fog that keeps them from doing that.
And don't ever apologize for a rant -especially one with so much relevance to it too! Feel free to do so anytime. (Not that you asked, nor do you need my permission there.)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate your writing this. Your perspective is very honest, and I think your points are valid and refreshing.

DG said...

Miz Mahala - I am SO with you on this. Dead ON. Excellent points. Those women are brainwashed fools, those children are flat out being raped and abused, and I wish they'd castrate all of those dirty old men. That's diz-gustin.

Anonymous said...

You sound like you are venting your rage over unresolved abuse in your past. I know the FLDS people. I left a few years ago. The problem with your article is that not only is it vulgar, but it is heavily laden with inaccurate generalizations. There is a great amount of variety in personalities, characters, and families within the group. This is difficult for people on the outside of the group to see.

Mahala said...

"The problem with your article is that not only is it vulgar, but it is heavily laden with inaccurate generalizations"

This is not an "article," this is a blog. If you don't like it, leave. Write your own, spewing the virtues of the FLDS people, if that's what floats your boat.

Vulgarity is a matter of opinion. What is done to those children in "vulgar.'

You sound like you are venting your rage over unresolved abuse in your past.

Gee whiz Wally, ya think? You're damn right I'm enraged and I thank God, that's THE God, not some convicted rapist sitting in prison by the way, that those little girls will no longer be forced to have sex with dirty old men in the name of someone's warped perception of religion.

I'm sure there are some wholesome souls wandering behind the walls of those compounds, but unfortunately, it's the evil element we hear about. That's just the way of the world.

Joy T. said...

Excellent post! Those poor children. I saw some of the wives on a Larry King show and it was so painful to watch. They seemed like zombies. "Give us our children" "It's the children". Not one man in sight any time this is in the news, just the women. I hope everything works out and the children will be free from the abuse being heaped on them.

BetteJo said...

I wrote about it - but not in depth. I AM worried about the children. I am worried about how traumatized they will be but have also been very impressed with the steps being taken to be as gentle with them as possible.

But - what else can be done? Give them back to these quiet, pious people who have been lying at every turn about the ages of the girls - even the girls who are pregnant right now - they lie about their names - everything? I don't think so. Amazing!

The women - oh man - scary zombie stepford women!

I might be willing to spare a little cash for tweezers - some of those unibrows are painful to look at!

KEVIN said...

People sometimes give their opinion in such haste just off of what they here, and later is revealed to be so inaccurate and in this case opposite in the extreme and thus damage nobody but themselves when the truth is known. I am an FLDS member in good standing and let me tell you, I work all over the western United States and i do work in the "outside world" and my father and the leaders are not corrupt, they teach us how to shun sin and vice and how to care about others as you would care for youself. If someone is known to have moral issues then they are addressed immediatly. They are given a chance and not thrown out like everyone says. if they choose to continue in those ways then in order to keep the moral standard good then they are asked to move away for awhile. Not kicked out. My mother is a wonderful mother, she has free agency, she can come and go, she can do what she wants just like this very country was set up for everyone to have, "FREEDOM". So I say to all you people that speak the sin and evil of your own heart, "You will find out the truth in time and what you will find when you finally rid your hearts of hatred and prejudice for a group of people trying to live the laws of God no matter what, is people that are the opposite of every bad thing that you can possibly dish out of your stinking pots of foul, nefarious, and wicked minds".