FLDS Men, An Open Letter

I've been avoiding this topic like the plague, out of a fear of offending people, but it's time we discussed the FLDS compound in Texas, the polygamists and our government's responsibility to the children involved.

Let me get right to the point. These women and children are nothing more than cattle to these men. The women are bred, boys are used to work until they reach an age where they might want a heifer of their own, then they're sent away. The female children are kept, for breeding purposes. The more babies they pop out, the greater the monthly welfare payment. It's nothing but a big scam used to milk the welfare system with the added bonus of giving an excuse for pedophiles get their groove on with little girls under the guise of religious freedom.

To put it bluntly, it makes me want to hurl.

I watch these mothers on television saying they're "free," that their children are never abused. I guess when you've been taught since birth that it's okay for 50 year old men to have sex with children, then you wouldn't see it as abuse. That is, as long as it's okayed by the "prophet"... who happens to be in prison for two counts of being an accomplice to rape.

Until yesterday, I watched the coverage with quiet detachment. I joked about the fact that they could have cell phones but apparently weren't allowed to have tweezers, because there are some serious unibrows going on up in that compound.

But yesterday, my view changed.

Yesterday, I got pissed off.

The FLDS has set up a web page where they have cheezy little videos, pictures of the "raid," and pleas for donations to pay for the legal cost of having their children returned to them.

Excuse me.

First, you teach your children that "my kind" is evil. You brag about your ability to "bleed the beast" as you breed your women to make more little brainwashed babies, living on MY tax dollars, then you have the BALLS to ask for MORE OF MY MONEY??? To pay for your COURT APPOINTED ATTORNEYS???

Now I know why you have to control your women and keep them locked up, unable to form an original thought. It's the only way YOUR KIND can keep a woman stupid enough to put up with your ignorant, inbred ass.

As for the children, I'm sure they're having a difficult time, being away from their mothers, but I also know they're relieved. I know because I have intimate knowledge of child sexual abuse. I understand the confusion experienced when you know, deep down, that what is happening is not right, yet feeling love for the only parents you've ever known. I used to sit in school and daydream about being taken away from my father's house, spending hours fantasizing about scenarios which would make it possible for my mother to go away with me, just so it could stop. I'd work out every detail in my head, epic stories that played out in fantastical ways, making sure no one would get hurt, he could go away and Ma and I would live happily ever after.

I have always felt intense guilt and responsibility that it didn't happen that way.

So, thank God that burden has been lifted from the wee little shoulders of these children. Thank God they won't have to feel 30 years of guilt. Allow the state of Texas to take that responsibility.

To my regular readers, please excuse this little outburst. I'll be back later with news from the holler, a meme or two and my regular abnormalcy.

To the leaders of the FLDS, there's a special place in hell just for you.