The Bunny, Stalking Craig Ferguson and Hillbilly Fairytales

Oh it's shaping up to be a fine day here in the holler.

Bossman called in sick with the creepin' crud. Our Mapics system is down, meaning we can't do any data entry, check inventory or run reports. Basically, Bubbles and I are just sitting around looking at each other, unsupervised.


Do ya'll remember the bunny? The other day, Aunt Moses presented me with a bright orange golf ball which, she said, "that rabbit was out thar a' tryin' to hatch." Apparently he thinks he's the Cadbury bunny, Aunt Moses swears he was sitting on the golf ball like a hen on an egg. She said she sees him all the time, that he sleeps under the hippy van and my car and he's not afraid of the lawn mower.

Is it weird that when wildlife invades our yard, it hangs around, gets named and becomes part of the family?

Okay wait...

....only wildlife with legs. Slithery things need not apply.

I guess that sort of makes me like.. the Snow White of Frog Pond Holler, with all the little woodland creatures hanging around, making themselves at home. I'm not sure "Snow White" would fit though. I'm more of a light tan, sort of like.. south western stucco. Oh yeah and my truck would have to substitute for the dainty carriage... and I'm more likely to be flying off to Vegas to stalk see Craig Ferguson than to a ball with a handsome prince.

I can see it now...

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You....

The Adventures of Stucco Beige, Hillbilly Princess

PG just kindly informed us that our computer system would most likely be down for the rest of the day.

Well ain't that just a fine howdy do?

It's gonna be a long one. I guess I'd better go find something to keep myself busy. Maybe I can unstaple some files, then restaple them.


Ya'll have a good one. Later Taters!


tiff said...

Can't you just go HOME? Damn, that seems like a horrific way to spend a day.

Mahala said...

They probably wouldn't say anything if I did, but with Bossman out, someone needs to take sales calls. Of course, my phone hasn't rung once yet today. I'm getting super skilled at Bejeweled though.

Tori Lennox said...

The Adventures of Stucco Beige, Hillbilly Princess

Sounds like something Larry the Cable Guy would star in. *g*

I used to get a lot of writing done at work when it was dead as a doornail. You could start writing the screenplay for your movie. *g*

Rachel said...

tag'd ya if you need something to do to while away your day

poopie said...

I do so dearly love sittin' around being unsupervised. Only I don't have to look at Bubbles.

I'm with you on the slithery creatures thing. I'd say "bless their hearts" but I'm sure they don't have one.

terri said...

"....only wildlife with legs. Slithery things need not apply."

You crack my ass up!

(I've noticed a few icky spiders making themselves comfortable in my house. Can I send them your way? They have legs! Lots of them!)

Jeni said...

That bunny reminds me of when I was a kid and gave one of my cousins a bunny for his birthday -he already had a whole slew of 'em, as he was "raising" them that year. That one bunny took a liking to the family's house, moved into the basement, would sit at the cellar door into the kitchen waiting for it to open and it would hop into the living quarters. It also would chase a little beagle they had found abandoned. The dog was terrified of that rabbit. The rabbit apparently thought of itself as more of a dog than a rabbit.
Hope you got really good at Bejeweled in your in-house vacation day, so to speak.

Joy T. said...

"Maybe I can unstaple some files, then restaple them." AAAHAHAHAHA!