Five Things I Learned This Weekend

1. It is possible to remove 12.5 years of nicotine from the walls of a trailer, but..
2. It will take at least three bottles of orange scented Mr. Clean
3. You'll have to go over each section at least three times
4. The number of calories burned running back and forth to the sink to dump the nasty water and make new is astronomical
5. You'll need at least one more long weekend to finish

I got most of the kitchen and one side of the living room done. There is so much CRAP to move, take off the walls and clean around, making it impossible to make any real progress. Ma says her left pinky toe is three inches shorter from banging it on the ladder I kept moving around the kitchen.

Such a drama queen. Her pinky toe was never three inches long. It's a nubby wee thing.

I'm taking it easy today. I could probably finish the living room if I pushed it, but I'm already tired and I don't want to do a half assed job. In the mean time, I'll just keep looking at the dark line on the wall where I stopped and revel in how good it'll look when I get done.

Tomorrow is Ma's birthday. In honor of the occassion, I had intended to make a special coconut cake. It's just a white cake mix, baked then poked with holes. You pour a can of coconut milk over it, letting it run down in the holes, refrigerate, then top with whipped topping and coconut.

It's good stuff, guaranteed to send you in to diabetic shock, but by golly, you'll die with a smile on your face.

The problem?

No coconut milk or coconut at the Dolla Genrul. Now I have to wait for the Hillfolk Market to open and see if they have it. If they do, it'll cost me an arm and half a leg, but it's still cheaper than driving to the grocery store, across two mountains, through the woods and past Grandma's house in Jolene, just to make a cake. I think the Hillfolk Market opens at 1 o'clock today, because it's Sunday, which is good because Ma is out of Cokes. The dolla store has 2-liters but not 20 oz bottles. Ma has to have her individual bottles, which cost more each than the 2-liters, but ya know.. I'm gonna be old and crotchety one day and if my only request is that someone keep me some Cokes sitting around, I hope someone will bother.


I've got sausage on the stove, biscuits in the oven and hot coffee just begging to be sipped, so I'll leave ya'll to enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Later Taters.