Coming to a Theater Near You

When we first meet our heroine, she's sitting on the sofa, a dog sleeping in her lap, as she switches channels on the television.

We see the pope giving mass while the voice of a newscaster reports that His Holiness has met with victims of the sexual abuse scandal. On another network we witness a taxi cab bursting in to flames in front of St. Patricks Cathedral in New York, where the pope will be visiting. They can find no evidence of foul play. They decide it's "just a vehicle fire."

Visibly disturbed by the story, our heroine aims the remote at her set, stopping when she sees a gathering of tearless, robotic women in matching prairie garb accusing the government of religious persecution. Their children have been removed under charges that the girls are being forced into marriage and childbirth when they've barely reached puberty. The blank stares of the women, the lack of any original thought, the inability to answer any question they've not rehearsed just adds to the creepiness of it all.

Have you ever felt you were IN the opening of a Revelations-esque movie about the impending end of society?

If you listen closely, you can just hear the hooves of four horses beating against the clouds of the darkening sky...