Disco Inferno!

Nature is a'blaze ya'll!

We heard the call on the scanner last night for the fire department to report to.... the Asylum! I got all kindsa excited, until it was determined that the actual fire was down by the campground, just the smoke was visible from up here on the hill. The situation was eventually turned over to the capable hands of the U.S. Forest Service and we all went to bed without a worry (other than gas prices, grocery prices, the election, the economy in general and how I'm going to pay for prescriptions....)

I detected the faint odor of wood smoke this morning as I headed out to waller up in my truck. I figured it was just left over from last night, but when I started up the hill towards the Cubicle Asylum, I was greeted by the sight of thick, gray smoke billowing up from behind the mountain.

Rut roh.

The blaze had spread from the campground, up the embankment and over behind our property. Most of the smoke is blowing over towards town, you can't even tell there's a fire from the front of the building. I have to admit that the smokey odor has invaded the office and with Bossman and PG already fighting the crud, they're having a bit of a hard time.

Louise, however, is milking it for all it's worth. You would think she had been up there fighting the fire with a garden hose and a rake for half the night. Oh she's just fine as long as she's gossiping about the shipping ho or the latest middle school scandals, but mention the fire and she starts hacking like she's in the final stages of emphysema, practically strangling herself, gasping for breath.

If I were going to go to that much effort to make people think I was sick, by God I'd just give up and go home.


Bubbles called in this morning to say she was so over come that she was going to the Hee-Haw clinic and might be in later. She was fine yesterday as she yee-hawed and carried on like a moron while talking dirty to her customers all afternoon.

People kill me.

Anywho, I've got pictures of the helicopter, some smoke, etc. I'll share those when I get home and can upload them. In the meantime, ya'll enjoy your Friday.

Later Taters!


tiff said...

Such excitement! Hmm, that "giving up and going home" thing sound like SUCH a good idea.

Meritt said...

I hate excitement. LOL.

Mahala said...

Srsly.. I could use a nap.

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I can't wait for the photos . . . maybe you should feed the blaze by throwing some of Bubble's old candy in there.

Dianne said...

LOL at law student! I could just picture the sparks going off as Bubble's candy popped in the blaze.

I used the word Lawsy the other day, it just came right out bless my heart, caused quite a stir up here.

poopie said...

You get all the excitement!