Burnin' the Holler and Taking Pictures of Craig Ferguson

As you can see, the fire wasn't really anywhere near the Asylum. I took these from the back door, with varying zooms, making Louise's fits of nearly passing out from smoke even more amusing. Later in the day, the blaze cranked back up and filled the whole holler with smoke, bringing the arrival of more helicopters, U.S.F.S. trucks and assorted bubbas bearing rakes, shovels and other fire fighting paraphernalia. Of course, by then I'd been home for lunch and left my camera at the trailer.
I have no future as a news photographer. Someday when I get brave, I'll show ya'll the stealthy pic I took of Craig Ferguson and his lady friend in Vegas, which will prove that any future I'd hoped for as a member of the paparazzi is just as ill-fated.
It's so bad, only I can tell it's him. Oh and the really funny part? I wasn't even taking a picture of the happy couple, they just happened to walk through the frame.
Anywho, I've got some stuff I need to do while the Amazon is at work. I'll be back later with tales of.. something.
Later Taters!