Peace in the Valley

The trailer is quiet this morning. The Amazon is due home from work any second, Ma is in her room snoozing with both dogs piled up in there with her and Spooky is curled up in a chair. The house is filled with the aroma of fresh coffee, banana nut and apple cinnamon muffins and I can relax because, after an attack of domesticity yesterday, my house is clean. Well, except for the bathroom. Don't go in there without a flame thrower and a gas mask.

Godliness wasn't achieved in a day ya'll.

I do have laundry to do, but it's not like I have to go down to the creek and beat it against a rock. Lulu and I often ponder the old ways of doing things. Modern conveniences came a little later to the back mountain communities and it's not uncommon to stumble across an outhouse or a plow still pulled by a trusty old mule. With all our aches and pains, we wonder how we ever would have made it back then, washing clothes in the creek or working in the field for hours on end. But then, sitting behind a desk at the asylum for the better part of the day has probably done more to harm our health than anything else.

Other than the task of washing some delicate underthings (i.e. granny panties) I plan to spend the rest of the day tinkering with my shop, adding some designs and exploring the wonder that is "Google Base."

Oh yeah and some quality couch time with the remote.

For now, there's muffins and coffee calling my name. Ya'll have a good one.

Later Taters!