Holidays = Unexpected Guests

I bet ya'll thought I'd O.D.ed on chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, assuming I could be found sitting in a corner, drooling, rocking back and forth with the remnants of a pink peep stuck to my chin as I quietly hum "Here comes Peter Cottontail.."
If only..
I had grand plans for yesterday, plans which were thwarted (I love saying that word.. "thwarted") by a visit by Aunt Moses and Uncle Clarence. They decided, along with everyone else in Frog Pond Holler, that it was the perfect day to mow. It sounded like a military operation out there, with Clarence on the riding mower while Aunt Moses tried to commit hari-kari with her wild weilding of the weedeater. There was also Aunt Moses' grand youngin' running in and out and in and out and in... well, you get the idea. I spent most of the day wrangling mutts, making sure no one ran out the door every time it flew open.

I've had to chase Yoda to the diner before. It ain't cool ya'll.

After the kinfolk cleared out, I mixed up a batch of Spic n' Span, got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the beejeebus out of the fireplace.. thingie. A certain manic little chihuahuaranian likes to mark the.. thingie.

What do you call that anyway? The big, rectangle, concrete slab in front of the fireplace? Ya'll get back to me on that.

Anywho, since I was already down there, I went ahead and cleaned the fireplace out, taking the Hoover to the ginormous dust bunnies on the screen and removing the glass doors for a good scrubbing. That sucker's glistening like brand new now, which means that next week, the temps will probably suddenly bottom out, we'll have a blizzard, the power will go out and I'll have to fire that puppy up.

Such is life in Mahalaville.
Aside from some dishes in the sink and a pile of laundry, I don't have any major domestic plans for the day. I've been looking at some of the more successful Cafepress shops, so I'm going to work on tweaking mine a bit, in between trips to the couch and getting up to let the dogs out.
Oh yeah and running behind TBLE cousin's youngin (trashy-big-boobed-lazy-eyed) all day.
Ya'll have a happy Easter.
Later Taters.


Rachel said...

roflmao...happy Easter to you too!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I could be wrong here, but I thought the slab in front of the fireplace was the hearth??? Now I'll have to look that up. Took me a good 5 minutes to think about it..LOL.
Love the graphic of E. Bunny. Have yourself a wonderful Easter!

Mahala said...

Crap.. I dunno. Ya know, I grew up in a big, five bedroom house but we didn't have cool crap like a fireplace and a dishwasher until we moved into a trailer lol.

Tori Lennox said...

I'm pretty sure you mean the hearth. :)

kenju said...

Yeah, it's a hearth. I have a raised one (brick) and it's a bitch to keep clean! Happy Easter!

Dianne said...

Happy Easter Mahala!

I "hearth" you.

(yes - pretty pathetic attempt at humor but ...)

bobbie said...

Yep - hearth.

Hope you're having a great Easter.


terri said...

We're supposed to CLEAN the hearth? We have had our gas fireplace for about 12 years or so and I have NEVER cleaned it!

Mahala said...

LOL Terri, only if you have a psycho midget dog who pees on it.