Can I Give the Cat Nyquil?

Happy Monday ya'll!

The temperature dropped overnight, there's a nip in the air and a light snow is gently falling on the rolling hills of Frog Pond Holler. We wait all winter for the white stuff, but it's usually spring before it gets here. Ah well, things do seem to take their sweet old time around here, even the weather.

I spent most of my three day weekend getting some housework caught up and working on the shop. Oh yeah.. and sulking. Ma had to show her ass put on a performance because she had a captive audience, God forbid we should let the opportunity to draw attention to ourselves go to waste. This time, her jab of choice was "the older you get, the more selfish you act."

I'm sorry.. excuse me?

Yeah I'm living the high life over here while she works her fingers to the bone.. um.. NOT.

I know.. she can't help it. Convincing Reminding myself of that is the only thing that keeps me half way sane.

Moving on...

Remember how distraught I was that my cat, Spooky, refused to go in my bedroom after Scotty (the other cat) died under my dresser? Well, apparently she's over it now. She woke me up twice last night, poking me in the head, demanding attention. I thought I'd convinced her that it was time to sleep and dozed back off, only to be awakened again not once, but twice, in the wee hours of the morning by her apparent attempts to rearrange the cat litter in her box.






The commotion woke Sammy, sending him into a scratching, chewing, butt snarfing fit.

I'm tired ya'll. Flippen critters kept me up all night.

Thankfully things are pretty peaceful here at the Asylum. Bossman is out today and possibly tomorrow on sales calls, PG and Thelma are out with the "flu" and the evil shipping wench is out too. Bubbles is wound up like a Kansas twister after going out of town for the weekend, but with only Louise to talk to, even she's been quieter than usual. I've got my earbuds in, listening to Jack FM, happy in my own little world.

These earbuds were the best $5 investment I've ever made.

I'm gonna go hit this mountain of paperwork so I can goof off this afternoon. Ya'll have a good one.

Later Taters.