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That extra day off Monday sure seemed to toss me for a loop. The extra sleeping and missing a days work messed up my blogging schedule, got me all behind at the asylum and caused general chaos in my little world.

I think I'm back on track now. Let the madness resume.

Bubbles is off today (listen closely and you'll hear a choir of chubby cheeked cherubs singing the Hallelujah Chorus) and it's no coincidence that she opted to take her "voluntary" day off on Valentine's Day. She and her beloved Bubbahubby both chose to take today and they kept Precious the Elder out of school so that the whole family could spend quality time together, filled with squishy hearts, red roses and chocolatey goodness.

Isn't that just THE most precious thing you've ever heard of?

Anywho, I'm just thankful for the peace and quiet, regardless of the reason. I could even listen to some decent music without worrying she'll over hear and call an emergency prayer meeting. Metallica would be nice.... maybe Linkin Park.

Yeah.. it's going to be a good day.

Happy Squishy Hearts and Chocolatey Goodness Day ya'll.