Popular Searches, Craig Ferguson and Toasty Hooters

It's nice and toasty in the office this morning. After much urging, begging, bribing and threats, PG finally gave in and sent someone from maintenance upstairs to check the heater, where it was discovered that a belt was broken.

I'm glad they found the problem, but it's a flippen shame we had to break bad and get downright ugly, sitting here freezing our hooters off for two days before someone would admit that something could be broken.

PG's excuse?

"It's cold outside, the heater can only do so much."

Ummmmm.. isn't that why we have heaters? For when it's cold outside?

Moving on...

I was tickled pink to hear that Craig Ferguson passed his citizenship exam on Friday. I had to laugh when I heard the questions, Thelma and Louise would have failed miserably on "Where is the White House?" (Read why here.) Anyway, congratulations Mr. Ferguson. Welcome to the melting pot. Just promise me you'll never lose the accent.

Yeah I know, he'll never see this. A girl can dream can't she?


Craig Ferguson has been hot on the minds of some of the Googlers landing here at Hidden Mahala. I get a bunch of hits from people looking for "craig fergusons girlfriend," from the UK, Germany and even India.

Other popular search terms bringing internet surfers here:

pooping hidden cameras
deep purple dreams
craig ferguson sheep song
anatolian bump

and my favorite and most popular?

sausage flies

That last one still grosses me out.

Ya'll may have noticed my little Yahoo widget thingie in the left sidebar. If any of you use that particular messenger, feel free to add me. I'm not on a bunch, I'm paranoid about using it at work, but I'm usually around for a chat on weekends and in the evenings.

You can also follow me on Twitter, which I do use while at the Asylum. It requires less concentration and I don't have to worry about getting caught with software on the work computer.

Anywho, ya'll enjoy the day. We'll talk again real soon :)

Later Taters.


Dianne said...

Do you think they're looking for flies ON a sausage or perhaps sausages flying through the air!?

Kind of like Magical Haggis

I'm thrilled for Craig - that whole video segment of him "sitting" his test was lovely.

poopie said...

Bless their little hearts. Hey...maybe the president SHOULD live in Canada!

terri said...

I love the search terms. My most popular search results from Victoria's Secret!!!

Honeysuckle Rose said...

Do you ever write emails to Craigger's show? I think I'm gonna email him about your devotion and send him a link!